November 23, 2020 – Trainer Update

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Watch Amrit’s weekly video –  How can KRI support you?

Click on the “CC” at the bottom of the video to see subtitles in various languages. 

·  Global Trainer Summit – Trainers are warmly invited to participate in the Global Trainer Summit December 10th – 13th.   Reconnect with Trainers from around the globe as we continue the process of building our Academy’s present and future.

o   Two tracks on alternating days for different time zones. 

o   Meet and interact with the staff of Just Outcomes, the restorative justice consultants assisting our global community

o   Access Professional Development Trainings online

o   Deep dive into discussions with peers on topics that are important to you

Follow this link for more information and to register.

·  Language-Specific WhatsApp Groups – We are truly a global community!  For many of you, WhatsApp is the preferred communication platform, so we have set up language-specific WhatsApp groups.  Many of you have already been added into your language’s group.  If you haven’t, please click the appropriate language WhatsApp group below to join. You can get updates like these via WhatsApp (in addition to email).   Only KRI staff can post, so you will not be inundated with messages!

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·  KRI has a new Contract Manager – We are saddened by Gurusimrat Kaur’s departure, and wish her well at her now job.  And we are happy to introduce Puranjot Kaur from Brazil as our new contract manager.  The email for this position remains the same, [email protected].  Please reach out for any support you need regarding certificates, contracts for all your trainings, royalty payments, and any book orders for your trainings.

·  Better Living Through Kundalini Yoga – To help you promote Kundalini Yoga in your communities, we have written several short articles for the general population.  These got a lot of digital press coverage in North America, and we hope they will be useful to you as well.  We have combined these 6 articles into a single PDF document, but you can use them individually if you would prefer.  The individual articles are titled, “Find Peace During Pandemic Uncertainty With Kundalini Yoga And Meditation,” “Yogic Breathing Techniques Support Respiratory Health,” “Three Ways to Bring Compassion Into Your Yoga Practice,” “How To Use Yoga To Sleep Better During the Pandemic,” “How to Use Yoga To Engage Kids During Remote Learning,” and “How to Boost Mood And Memory At Home.”