Sutra – Our online discussion space

With over 800 trainers around the global, we need an online space to connect and be together as a sangat.  We have found some Kundalini Yogis in New York City who have developed a platform specifically to help conscious communities stay connected.  This platform is called Sutra.

Sutra logo

If you are a Trainer:

Like other discussion boards you might be familiar with, Sutra will allow you to start conversations around any teacher training topics that are interest to you, and to comment on other posts.  Conversations within Sutra are organized or grouped into circles.  Circles can be nested within one another.  Each unique circle will share a common set of “resources” – shared documents or reference materials.

We are using the conversations on Sutra as important feedback to, and inputs into, how KRI will make decisions related to the teacher training programs.  As any comment or post can get “noted” by people who find the comment valuable, we can get a sense of what topics are “hot” and important to the community. We can further survey members and create discussion groups based on surveys around issues.  This input can then become part of our agenda for our in-person meetings (at regional TTEC meetings and at trainers forums).

Please jump in and get started!  Read, post, contribute and connect!