Does KRI ship hard copy manuals outside of the US and Canada?

KRI is able to ship individual sets of L1 and or L2 materials outside the US and Canada only for certified teachers. For students currently enrolled in a KRI certified Teacher Training you should get the materials needed from our global distributors.

Check whom to contact in the territory needed here for L1 sets and here for L2 materials.

How can my Level one students meet all the certification requirements without being able to attend a White Tantric Yoga event?

Participation in a full day of White Tantric Yoga (WTY) is a powerful, transformational experience with one of Yogi Bhajan’s teaching that KRI feels is extremely important for all Level One Instructors to have experienced.

Participation has been a requirement for certification in KRI Level One Teacher Training, with students required to take the WTY only after they began the Level One course

A country-by-country temporary exception has been given, allowing trainings in location with no WTY offered nearby to give their students a different powerful group meditative experience directly with Yogi Bhajan – doing the first 5 rebirthing videos in a group setting.

Some areas have WTY only every other year. For some students, attendance would still require a flight and accommodation expenses on top of the WTY registration fees, and some students find it economically impossible to attend even nearby courses.

Without reducing the importance of WTY as an experience every Kundalini Yoga Instructor needs to have, this policy has been expanded to allow more flexibility for when students participate in this experience.

White Tantric Yoga – Level 1 Exception Policy

How can I have a contract that has an unusual format approved?

There have been some inconsistencies in our existing policies, specifically around the # of training days and the total duration of the course. We have in the past approved some Level One programs that had less than 22 training days – which is the new minimum set by this new Level One Formats policy. We also have approved Level One programs that are shorter than 6 months in total duration, with one week, then a 2-month break, another week, then another 2-month break, and a final 1-week module.

This new Level One Formats policy states that 6 months is the minimum duration for all Level One programs. 2. This policy will allow lead trainers to apply to offer Level One courses in different formats (number of days and number of modules) than are currently allowed. This means that people can apply to teach courses with two or even only one module (immersion format).

Level One Program – Formats Policy

Can I offer a 100% online Level One teacher training?

Due to the Pandemic of COVID 19 a proposal was discussed in TTEC related to the online L1 courses. 

Pre-COVID it was allowed only 10 of the required 200 classroom hours in a Level One program to be done online.  As an “emergency measure,” KRI staff began allowing up to 80% of a Level One program to be held online, still requiring a minimum of 40 hours to be in-person. Please read the entire document of the NEW PROPOSED POLICY below.

TTEC Proposal_Temporary COVID Online Level One Training

 In some circumstances and locations, we recognize that some trainings may have to, for right now, be 100% online. 

Trainers can apply to get approval for this by emailing  [email protected].

How should I proceed for the IKYTA membership of my L1 students?

IKYTA payment for Level 1 Teacher Training can be completed in a couple of ways.
– As indicated on the Royalty form, if paying by check, the $78/student payment can be made out to “3HO IKYTA” and mailed to:
3HO Foundation
Attn: Merle Wallace
P.O. Box 1560
Santa Cruz, NM 87567
– If you prefer to pay via PayPal, this payment can be made to: [email protected]
– If you wish to pay by credit card over the phone, please be in touch with Merle at [email protected] and he can assist.

I am a trainer and I need an Ebook to prepare for my program, do I need to purchase one?


As a trainer you are allowed a courtesy code, for that please contact Harishabad at [email protected]. Make sure to provide information regarding your affiliation to the Aquarian Trainer Academy.

Can I place ONE order and have the manuals delivered individually to my students?


You need to place separate orders to each student’s address. You can READ HERE the procedures to Order Training manuals on the KRI Store

Can my students order their course material directly to KRI?


The course material should be ordered by the course administrator or lead trainer at the KRI Store or from one of the Worldwide distributors. Access to these material is restricted to Active Trainers and those administrators authorized by Lead trainers.

If you ever have any special needs regarding the necessity of an individual order by a student, please contact us.

Trainer Discount Store

L1 Global Distributors 

L2 Global Distributors

How do I request a Certificate Reprint?

To request a certificate reprint please fill in the Certificate Reprint request form.

Certificate Reprint Request

Please keep in mind that KRI charges a reprinting fee of U$25.00 payable via PayPal: [email protected] or through this link PayPal.Me/KRIpayments.

Once we receive payment and we have all the information provided we can start the process for reprinting, that usually takes 14-21 business days.