Trainer Forums and Summits

The Aquarian Trainer Academy is a Global Community of dedicated Trainers.  The Global Summits and Forums are an opportunity to meet and work with fellow Trainers.  When we are together in community – magic happens.  We continue to build our relationships!  Wisdom is shared!  A greater understanding of each other emerges!  

KRI is committed to supporting these connections through both the Global Summits and the Regional Forums.

During KRI Forums and Global Summits, trainers from around the Globe have opportunities to:

  • Connect Individually and Globally with fellow trainers
  • Be Heard and Listen
  • Discuss topics and issues important to them
  • When necessary participate in challenging discussions
  • Share our collective wisdom and update skills through training 
  • Further progress some of the topics that were raised at previous Summits and TTECs

What are the differences between Global Summits and Regional Forums:

Regional Forums – Trainers in a region time to meet and discuss issues that are important for their local teams.  These meetings are smaller and cozier and focus on local issues as well as topics that are presented by KRI.  The regional forums give a chance for trainers to really get to know one another and build relationships and local bridges.  They are an opportunity to meet and discuss topics that will be brought to the global summit as well.

The Regional Forums are in-person except during Covid and they are a time where trainers sit together and talk both formally and informally (often the informal discussions are as important as the formal ones).

Regional Forums take place currently in:  Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Europe, Mexico, Taiwan and the USA.

If you would like to bring a Trainers’ Forum to your country or region please contact Siri Sahib Singh at [email protected]

The Global Summit is an annual online gathering where trainers from over 50 countries have the opportunity to come together. Trainers can meet and work with others who they have never worked with before, building bridges and creating relationships with trainers that live in different parts of the world.

Trainers discuss topics that affect Teacher Training Programs around the globe. Trainers meditate together, meet with peers who serve in the same role in the academy, participate in a keynote workshop – all translated into participant’s languages – and discuss topics that can then move into Committees for potential policy change through the global voting process of TTEC.