ATA Decision Making Principles and Values

February, 2022

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In the values below, the term “we” refers to KRI staff and to all trainers.  We are all KRI.

Value: Authenticity/Trust/Transparency

Related Principles:
  • We provide opportunities for input before major decisions are made.
  • We acknowledge when decisions are being made that may feel challenging to some.
  • We expose underlying patterns of hierarchy in our history that have privileged certain voices.
  • We are transparent about the history of our organization.

Value: Diversity/Diverse Voices/Cultural Humility

Related Principles:
  • We demonstrate that we are listening carefully to voices different from ours.
  • We identify who has been most marginalized and make space to bring them in.
  • We actively refrain from privileging English-speakers and North American residents.
  • We actively recognize and celebrate how diversity makes us stronger.

Value: Inclusivity/ Equality

Related Principles:
  • We strive to eliminate all hierarchies except those based on skills and experience.
  • We show respect for all members of the ATA as peers.
  • We strive to place decision-making authority at the local level where possible.

Value: Compassion/Kindness/Empathy

Related Principles:
  • We take the time necessary to move forward wisely.
  • We nurture and maintain our relationships among members of the ATA.
  • We make space for understanding the impact of trauma (especially sexual trauma) on survivors in our community.

Value: Accountability/Truthfulness

Related Principles:
  • We hold all Academy members accountable to the same standards
  • We ensure our trainings and communities are safe, especially for those most vulnerable.
  • We are accurate about the source of our teachings.

Value: Self-Actualization/Learning/Growth

Related Principles:
  • We support individuals in their self-actualization and personal growth.
  • We communicate about what we are learning through this current transformation process.
  • We create processes for ongoing evaluation of our decision-making outcomes and their impacts.
  • We invite members of the ATA to honor their own experiences and values related to Yogi Bhajan.

Value: Excellence

Related Principles:
  • We support Trainers/members of the ATA in cultivating connective relationships with their students during this time of transformation.
  • We inquire deeply into the meaning of our spiritual teachings and their application.
  • We support Trainers/members of the ATA in learning about the impacts of trauma and applying this learning.
  • We evolve our teaching to reflect ongoing learning.
  •  We don’t lose sight of our primary mission – which is uplifting Consciousness – in the midst of bureaucracy.