ATA Mentoring Development Program

New Mentors in Training Onboarding

Welcome to the Mentoring Development Program!

Now that your application has been received, the next step is to learn how the program works. Please  watch the videos on this page and read the documents that are related to each of them.

It is crucial that you go through this entire sequence!

While you are a Mentor in Training (MnT) , you will have the possibility of guiding up to two mentees.  The videos and documents below will help you understand the program and prepare you to begin your mentoring journey.

We will have the opportunity to respond to questions in the upcoming Global meeting for Mentors.

We are here to assist you, for all you need email your ATA Regional administrator or the Mentoring Development Program administrator Dev Atma Kaur, at

There are three significant components for Mentors in Training:
  • a Mentoring Coach (MC)
  • a Mentoring Support Group (MSG)
  • Training (through studies or courses)

1. Introduction to Mentoring Development Program MDP

Study carefully the document below:

2. Overview of Mentoring Development Program

Study carefully the document below:

3. Peer Support Group of Mentoring Development Program

Study carefully the document below:

Other Relevant Links:

REGISTER to the upcoming Global Mentor’s meeting!

Meet Your Fellow Members – Network, Self Reflect, Support – Live on Zoom

A time for all Mentors to connect with each other, to reflect on and share their experiences to build our worldwide training community.

Why a Global Mentors Meeting?

Mentoring is such an integral part of the Academy. 

The Professional Development Committee has been working to understand and deepen the parameters of excellence for this critical role. The Mentoring Development Program was designed by this committee and is being piloted for new Mentors since September 2021.

We invite ALL MENTORS to our first Global Mentor Meeting.  We honor our experienced mentors’ years of knowledge and skillful practices which will be shared as well as discussions on how different mentoring models can serve the future of the Academy.

Please join us for this historic gathering. We truly believe in the inspiration and value of this worldwide connection.

We have prepared two options for the time zone that is most convenient for you. Pick one or come to both.

Tuesday, June 7th – 2pm – 5pm GMT – CLICK TO REGISTER
7am-10am California / 10am – 1pm New York / 11am – 2pm Brazil / 4pm – 7pm Paris

Wednesday, June 8th – 10pm – 01h GMT – CLICK TO REGISTER
4pm – 7pm California / 7pm – 10m New York / 8pm – 11pm Brazil
Thursday June 9th: 7am – 10 am China / 9am – 12am Australia.