September 18, 2023 – Trainer Update

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Slight changes to how/when/where we meet together as trainers, and some details about upcoming trainer gatherings.

Upcoming Trainer Meetings

After the great in-person meetings that we had during Summer Solstice in the USA and at the European Yoga Festival in France, the KRI Team is looking to balance Online and In Person Meetings. We are delighted to be in-person again and, at the same time, loving the ease with which we can connect with the Global Sangat via online meetings.  We have heard your feedback that all the trainer meetings should balance focus (no one wants to waste their time) with connection (which happens with more loosely constructed agendas).

October 2023 Online Regional Meetings

Our next opportunity to gather together will be ONLINE in October.  We will discuss topics that are relevant regionally and stay connected with your peers locally. These will be focused meetings that also nurture dialogues and conversations that can lead to future ATA decisions.  Registration will be open soon!  See below for the schedule of these online meetings:

  • Latin America (en Español): Thursday, October 19th   16:00-18:00 México; 17:00-19:00 Colombia; 19:00-21:00 Chile
  • Asia/South East Asia-Oceania (in English with Chinese translation): Tuesday, October 24th 5:30-7:30 Sri Lanka; 7:00-9:00 Cambodia; 8:00-10:00 Shanghai, Singapore, and Taiwan; 11:00-13:00 Sydney
  • North America (in English):  Tuesday, October 24th . 15:00-17:00 L.A.; 18:00-20:00 NYC
  • Europe-ME-Africa and Russia (in English with translations into languages – French, Russian, Italian, Spanish – as needed): Thursday, October 26th 17:00-19:00 Lisbon; 18:00-20:00 CET; 19:00-21:00 Moscow

Planning Ahead for 2024 Trainer Meetings

  • Trainer Forum, January 27th, in-person, Santiago-Chile
  • Global Summit, April, online.
    • April 20-21: Asia-Oceania & Europe/Russia/Middle East/Africa
    • April 27 & 28: South – North America & Europe/Russia/Middle East/Africa
  • Trainer Forum, May, in-person, Mexico (Exact date and city we will let you know soon)
  • Trainer Forum, Mid-June, in-person, Ram Das Puri in Española. Just prior to Summer Solstice
  • Trainer Forum, Early August, in-person, Jambville, France. Just prior to EYF. 
  • Regional Trainer Meetings, October 2024, online

Local Online Gatherings

KRI would love to stay connected with trainers from individual countries to hear the needs, check in and be aware of the different local situations. Ravi Prem Kaur will be reaching out to different countries to organize local gatherings.  Or, if you in your local Sangat have the need or desire to meet with KRI, just let us know!

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Trainers with an expired license will be processed as Inactive in October.

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