January 2020 – Trainer Update

New Policies and Clarifications:

  • None

Important Information:

  • NEW Professional Development courses online – a new learning modality for teacher trainers that we are calling “The Aquarian Development Series.”  Read more about it here.  Check out the ever growing options, some free and others with special, reduced trainer pricing, here We invite you to share your wisdom globally:  please complete the Workshop proposal form here
  • Free, online, video supplement to the Aquarian Teacher textbook – Guru Prem Singh from Los Angeles has made short instructional videos about many of our basic postures.  You are welcome to use the videos in your classes and trainings, and/or to give your students these links for their home study and reference.  

Teacher Trainer Executive Committee (TTEC) Issues:

  • The European TTEC met Jan 14th in Belgium.  Read the notes here.
  • The first ever South American Regional TTEC 21 FEB 2020 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  It is open to all members of the Academy.  Email Amrit Singh if you would like to attend.
  • Upcoming: The Global TTEC meeting in the spring of 2021 will be held in Amsterdam 10 & 11 MAY 2021.  As a reminder, check out the role of TTEC in this info about how Teacher Training decisions are made.

Level 3 and Mela Issues:

  • The first South American Level 3 Mela will be held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil 23, 24, 25 FEB 2020.
  • The first Southeast Asia Level 3 Mela will be 13, 14, 15 MAR 2021 (and will be connected to a regional TTEC and trainer forum)
  • We are considering moving the time and location of the European Mela to January – making it just before the EU TTEC meetings.  Please share your opinions in this Sutra thread.
  • The first L3 Mela in China will be held in Suzhou 4, 5, and 6 Nov 2021.

Publication Issues:

  • A mistake was corrected in the English version of the Lifecycles and Lifestyles Level Two manual.  You can download the latest version here.  These corrections have been sent to translators so that non-English language versions will soon also be up to date.  You can see the corrections to all KRI’s publications here.
  • The Spanish translation of the Aquarian Teacher will be available in digital format by the end of March.  KRI will update trainers on how they can purchase this for their programs. 

Administrative Issues:

  • New Program Contracts and Paperwork Requirements – We are updating the contracts for Level One, Level Two and 21 Stages programs.  We also have updated requirements around insurance verification, and what student paperwork needs to submitted to KRI.  Please see this Sutra thread for details and the invitation to comment and ask questions.  This is the open comment period, so please speak up now when changes are still being made!
  • Upcoming new function in the Trainer Portal – expected in about two months, this function will allow Lead Trainers to give their administrators limited Portal access for programs. Admins will be able to submit student data, request certificates and pay program royalties directly through the Lead Trainers portal.
  • Trainer Licensing – Like many professional organizations, KRI uses annual licensing as part of our quality and compliance protocols.  If you are not current with your trainer license, you will not be able to participate on Level One or Level Two Teacher Training teams, or 21 Stages teams.  Login to your Trainer Portal to re-license starting on 1 May 2020.  The deadline for re-licensing is 1 July 2020, with late fees beginning as of 1 Sept 2020.

“Family Notes”:

  • Sat Nam Kaur of Mexico recently passed away.  A nice article about her can be found here.
  • Angad Kaur from Denmark was recently diagnosed with cerebral ataxia.  She is raising funds for an experimental treatment.  Here is her GoFundMe page.
  • Future Family Notes – If you have, or know of, a trainer with a major life event to inform our global family about, please email Hari Charn Kaur at [email protected] for inclusion in the next trainer bulletin.
  • The fires in Australia continue to burn.  Friends of many of our Kundalini Yoga Teachers have lost property and sangats are being deeply affected by this crisis.  Please keep the community in your prayers. 
  • Meditation to Stop the Drums of War
  • The highly contagious Wuhan Pneumonia in China continue to spread during the most important Spring Festival – Chinese New Year. Please pray for our community and their family in China. May Guru Ram Das healing light prevail. May our Sangats stay in peace and healthy.