August 28, 2023 – Trainer Update

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Two new proposals for ATA review and comment

Use Enlightened Bodies video course to enhance your Level One!

We are stronger together, and one of the beauties of our sangat is the depth and diversity of specialization you all have.  KRI is pulling together more and more pedagogy tools (and setting up a webpage for you all to share with each other in a peer-to-peer manner in any language) so we can learn from each other and continually raise the quality level in our trainings.  One new tool we want to make you aware of is that Dr. Japa Kaur, one of the authors of the great “Enlightened Bodies” book, has made a series of 6 videos lasting a total of 2.5hrs that you can show to your Level One classes (or assign for them to watch outside of your regularly scheduled gathering times). 

Check it out here: Enlightened Bodies: Anatomy For Level 1.  

Deva Kaur from Florida used it and shares her experience – “Dr Japa’s video course was excellent in unexpected ways. Her energy is uplifting, and she makes it easy to ‘digest’ complex anatomy systems. She personalizes it, which helps students pay better attention. She also layers it with some yoga and meditation to keep the energy moving. Having the students watch the videos as homework was certainly a great way to spread out the anatomy, so it did not need to be pushed through all in one weekend. Since it did not take up classroom hours, we were also able to fit in an extra whole day of meditation during our classroom hours, which we have never been able to do in past years. I was not thrilled with the idea of doing classroom hours on video before we did it, but it went way better than I expected with Japa’s energy and expertise.”

2023 Demographic survey

Created by the Diversity and Inclusion committee to help us grow more inclusive, moving toward truly representing the world we serve and deepening our ability to help all students feel welcome in their practice.  If you haven’t filled it out as part of your 2023 Trainer License Renewal, we invite you to please click below to complete the survey:


A DEI segment in your Level 1?

Just like the Enlightened Bodies is a tool you can use in your Level One if you wish, more and more trainers are including a segment in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  Nirmal Singh made a short video with his experience with it that we share with you here.  If you are interested in offering something similar, Nirmal, Atma Chanan, or KRI would be happy to help you.

New EPS Website

After much time and effort, the SSSC Office of Ethics and Professional Standards (EPS) is happy to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website with updated content and translation into 8 languages.  In the interest of keeping our Sikh Dharma, 3HO, and Kundalini Yoga communities safe and well-informed, we encourage you to visit today and share the news about this important resource with your local Kundalini Yoga community.

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