March 21, 2022 – Trainer Update

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SSSC voting and 2022 KRI Outstanding Achievement Awards.


Upcoming SSSC elections

As previously mentioned, all Lead and Professional trainers areautomatically registered to vote in the upcoming (August 2022) SSSC elections. And interns andassociates can apply to be voters. KRI strongly encourages you all to exercise your right to vote!

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2022 KRI Outstanding Achievement Award

As part of KRI’s efforts to increase the communityparticipation, we held open nominations this year for the KRI Outstanding Achievement Award.The honoree or honorees will be chosen by YOU–the members of the ATA! Read about the nominees in your language using the links below. And then vote for who you’d like to see recognized in this way here

English / Spanish / Portuguese / German / French / Italian / Chinese / Russian

Coming VICE documentary

We’ve received word that the VICE program, “True Believers”,featuring the SSSC and 3HO, will begin airing on 11 April 2022. While we have not yet seen the show ourselves, sources have indicated that the coverage of our organizationsand the practiceof Kundalini Yogais likely to be slanted and may paintan unbalanced picture of our communityand practices. We have prepared some basic information here to assist you, if needed, in dealing with the impact of this program.

Global Meditation to project for peace

We encourage everyone to be chanting the “Sat Narayan Wahe Guru, Hari Narayan Sat Nam” mantra to project for the end to all wars around the globe. 

3HO Europe has organized a daily online practice that anyone can join via their website

More transparency

At your request, KRI has a new webpage that describes the standing committees, how you can participate, links to previous meeting notes, etc. Check it out here.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

KRI’s goal is to have our Level One graduates, members of the ATA, KRI’s staff and KRI’s board of directors to be fully representative of the communities we serve – and that means representative across all dimensions (such as race, gender and sexual identity, geography, socio-economic status, education level, etc.). We aren’t there yet, and so we need to keep inquiring about why. Why are there so few trainers of color? Why are the percentages of Level 1 graduates of color less than in the broader community? Until we can understand and address these issues, we won’t be as effective as we need to be in sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. A piece of this is our annual demographic survey – which will be part ofthe trainer licensing process this summer.

Upcoming eLearning Courses

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The SSSC is hosting an open Community Forum event, with 2 sessions, March 25th and 27th

Especially with Lead and Professional trainers now able to automatically vote in the upcoming SSSC board elections, learn more about what’s happening, and voice your opinions. Read more about it, find the meeting details, and links to register here.