June 29, 2020 – Trainer Update

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Watch Amrit’s weekly video message – What parts of our culture do we want to
change, and what to honor and build upon?

Click on the “CC” at the bottom of the video to see subtitles in various languages.

• Upcoming Global Training Forum and Summit
o Watch an introduction to the Summit’s meeting format here.

The informational document referred to in this video will be linked in next week’s update.
o Invitations to register – 这是中文, English, en español, на русском, em
português, po polsku, in italiano, auf Deutsch, en français

We would love to hear from you via this quick (3 minute) survey. The results of this
anonymous survey will be made public on or before this Forum/Summit as potentially
useful information going into those conversations. We have such a diverse, multicultural
community it is important to hear the full breadth of your voices – not just the loudest, or
those perceived to be in a position of leadership/authority/power.

o Chinese: https://forms.gle/6cyA6i1xAo6YhzBHA
o English: https://forms.gle/AnvXutJPcsToZ8Uk9
o French: https://forms.gle/gKq9TBcqvV4XrYL87
o German: https://forms.gle/XTkAbUUbxivSWwWi9
o Italian: https://forms.gle/t6Wyp5Ai4KKj3iKe8
o Portuguese: https://forms.gle/B1fuAvBurfYK2isf7
o Polish: https://forms.gle/CtNCRi7x3rFZQjiT7
o Russian: https://forms.gle/CrMJWEwpqtJaLw9f7
o Spanish: https://forms.gle/9BB6d24ik5q11rtf7

THE SHADOW OF THE TEACHER – Wednesday July 8th 11:00-13:00 EDT (New York).
Join us live on Zoom or watch the recorded class available after one week. When we face our own shadow with conviction and clarity, much is unveiled to us. The capacity to hold this depth with compassion is a key process to being a Teacher. It’s a universal human predicament; the vastness of our goodness and the length and breadth of our own human shadow. As sacred, powerful and impactful as the Teachings are, the shadow of the genesis years of the Teachings and personality of Yogi Bhajan are an opportunity.With expert guidance in shadow work with Deva Kaur from Florida, we move beyond
the limitations of personality into our true legacy work.

Upcoming Community Dialogue Listening Zoom calls – Before the trainer
forum/summit, we hope that you be able to join a call in your language and time zone.
Check out the bottom of this webpage for the schedule of language-specific zoom calls.

Scientific research shows – Kundalini Yoga and Kirtan Kriya can reduce the risk of dementia.