March 23, 2020 Trainer Update

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Sat Naam Dear Teacher Trainers,

We pray that you and your families are healthy and holding up during these times of great challenge.

  • Moving Forward together – Based on your feedback, we hear that the commission we announced was not the best way to start.  Our goal now is to find a way to make this an inclusive process. KRI’s intention is to listen to our collective voices, establish the means to enable prompt and dynamic conversations, open the discussion to what leadership means to us, and establish processes to review the changes that we need to make. We are actively researching options that will allow us to move forward in a more inclusive way. We will keep you updated and informed as this moves forward. 
  • Online trainings – Given the unprecedented measures being taken against COVID-19 right now, we need to be flexible in allowing more online training (in both Level One and Level Two programs) than we normally do.  Watch the recording of Dr. Japa Kaur’s webinar with tips to do this most successfully here.
  • For scheduled classroom days between now and June 30, 2020, you can teach up to 3 consecutive days online.  Please contact Amrit Singh if you have more than 3 days in a row that you want to do online, as that begins to stretch student’s ability to sit before a computer. 
  • We will continue monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and be listening to your feedback, to see if this temporary exception should be extended.
  • Kriya against ‘viruses of the future”Here is a previously unpublished pranayama from 15 Apr 1986 that was said to “burn bacteria and viruses of the future.”
  • Additional Immune System Tools – Access an updated and expanded Immune System Toolkit here.  And you can watch the recording of Coronavirus: What to Do! with Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur.
  • 2nd Webinar on Lineage and Legacy – Tuesday 24 March at 18:00 Mountain Daylight time at this link: Legacy & Lineage of Kundalini Yoga.  This will be recorded and posted for viewing later if you can’t make this time! 
  • Today’s Challenging Topics: Best Practices – As Trainers, we’ve held space in the process and allowed for dialogue about tough topics, but none as challenging as now!  More than ever, let’s support each other to help the trainees center themselves in their Kundalini Yoga.  What are the best strategies you’ve used to move forward with trainees? What are other ways you may not have considered or other ideas?   This Sutra circle is to gather best practices, what has worked AND what hasn’t worked! We will also host group dialogue sessions on Zoom / live only / not recorded so that people can speak freely and we can support each other as a community. Time and presenter TBA.
  • Updates from the Collaborative Response Team – stay up to date on announcements from the Collaborative Response Team on their website, which has an expanded FAQ section now.