November 15, 2021 – Trainer Update

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Maybe remembering the point of our practice and all our structures and rules and policies – to help deliver spirit, and uplift and serve, to provide a container for the experience of the infinite, which actually cannot be created as any bureaucracy.   


Which Principles should KRI be applying?

Please take this short survey asking all trainers to evaluate a set of possible principles for decision making around key areas such as hierarchy and our future representations of Yogi Bhajan.  These principles came from the Oct 5, 2021 meetings you were all invited to – they reflect community suggestions and with this survey we will be narrowing them to the ones that resonate most strongly with our whole community of trainers.

Introducing KRI’s new Regional Administrators

As sad as we are of Sarb Jit’s retirement from KRI, we are excited by the introduction of a more localized focus via new regional ATA administrators. 

Puranjot Kaur, who was our contract administrator, will oversee this new system as our ATA Administrative Manager.  And each of you can now turn towards the region-specific and language-specific contact person:

Europe Karamjot Singh (living in Spain) – [email protected], languages: Spanish, French, German, and English

Asia Preet Kamal Kaur (living in China) – [email protected], languages: Chinese and English

Brazil/Portugal Puranjot Kaur (living in Brazil) – [email protected] – Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English

Latin America Janpal Kaur (living in Mexico) – [email protected] , languages: Spanish and English

US & Canada Dev Atma Kaur (living in New York) – [email protected]g , languages: English.

New edition of Vitality and Stress now available

The 3rd edition of the Level Two manual Vitality & Stress (English) has been in the making for several years and it’s now complete. Please criticize, share your feedback, insights, and suggestions with Ong Kar Kaur, so we can incorporate ongoing changes in the next round of Level Two material improvement.

You can purchase hard copies for your students here and the ebook version here. If you don’t like the new edition at all, the previous version is still available in ebook format through the Trainer Store here.

In two or three days, all Level Two trainers will receive a courtesy access code via email for this new edition of V&S. 

TTEC follow-up

Based on the feedback from the TTEC meeting, Proposal 1 (Simplifying the ATA documentation) was not altered.  But Proposal 2 (Redefining the Roles in the ATA) and Proposal 3 (Draft new Code of Ethics) were both edited. 

Please see the final versions in Sutra at the links below. These are the versions that will be voted on Dec 1 to 7th via online voting open to all trainers.

Proposal 1 (Simplifying the ATA documentation)

Proposal 2 (Redefining the Roles in the ATA)

Proposal 3 (Draft new Code of Ethics)

Lead and Professional Trainers will be able to vote in the 2022 SSSC elections

You can read the note from the SSSC informing about this here

All other trainers can apply to vote in the election.  Details about how that can happen will be send out later.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility Consultant sought by the SSSC

Read the description and how to apply here.