July 5, 2021 – Trainer Update

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Watch Amrit’s weekly video

The discussions at the Summit later this week are going to be awesome and important.  So make sure you come – even if for only parts of it!  And three important new documents, all initiated by you all in prior meetings, to review and begin discussion at the summit.

Building Bridges to Enhance Our Service

ATA Trainer Summit- July 8, 9,10,11 – Register Today!

Many important conversations, workshops, and breakout room discussions will happen, which are often the starting points for upcoming new policy recommendations.  Come for all or just parts (check out the agenda for your track with the links below).

TRACK 1 AGENDA: JULY 9h & 11th (Asia & Australia) or night 8 & 10 (U.S and Mexico)

TRACK 2 AGENDA: JULY 9th & 11th (Latin & North America, Europe, Africa, and Middle East)

The Relationship between Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma

The trainers involved in the SSSC-KRI commission have drafted a position paper regarding the relationship between Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma.  This will be emailed to all Summit registrants before the event, and there will also be a breakout discussion group at the Summit later this week.

The Roots and Context of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan

One of the yoga researchers that KRI has engaged, Rob Zabel, has delivered his report about the history of our practices. This will be emailed to Summit registrants soon, and then sent to all ATA members.  He will be leading a workshop discussing his research findings on Saturday at Track 1 of the Trainer Summit.

KRI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goals and Mission

A committee of KRI staff members have come up with this draft of goals and a mission for our diversity, equity and inclusion work.  KRI is open to feedback from all trainers on this, and it will also be a breakout discussion group at the Summit later this week.  Please also see this report on the demographic survey we piloted at the trainer Summit last December.  This is another piece to this Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work, and can also be discussed in the Summit breakout room.

New draft Code of Ethics for Kundalini Yoga teachers

A group of volunteer trainers from the last summit have worked with the Office of EPS and KRI staff to draft a new version of the Code of Ethics for Kundalini Yoga teachers.  KRI’s plan is to gather feedback and iterate on this set of documents in order to bring something to TTEC in October.  Discussion and feedback on this document will begin at the summit later this week.  We will also be working to get this translated into other languages.

New ATA Regional Administrators

KRI is moving forward with the implementation of the new locally based administrators of the Academy to better support our community of trainers.

Dev Atma Kaur (USA and Canada), Preet Kamal Kaur (Asia and Australia), along with Puranjot Kaur (Brazil) and Sarb Jit Kaur (Europe, Africa, Latin America) will be assisting you all as the Regional Aquarian Trainer Academy Administrators in the respective regions. 

All the information and details about the new regional administrations can be found in the ATA regional administration page on the trainer support website.

Apply to become a Level 2 trainer

If you are a Level One Professional or Lead trainer, you are eligible to qualify as a Level Two Professional or Lead by applying for each module individually. The application process is simple – Level 2 pathway flowchart – and there is no application fee.

If you are going to co-teach a L2 module don’t forget to follow this process in order to qualify prior to the submission of the contract by your L2 Lead mentor.

Level two Lead trainers can also qualify as Level 2 Leads Mentors. 

The complete L2 trainer orientation can be found here.

Contact the Academy Administrator if you have any further questions.

FREE webinar for all Trainers: Dying into Life

Have you taught the Death & Dying Segment of Teacher training L1 & L2 a million times? Would you like to jazz up this part of your curriculum and just wow your trainees? Jivan Joti has spent the last 10 years researching death & dying. This workshop is FREE as a thank you to all Teachers/Trainers/Kundalini Yoga enthusiasts everywhere. Share with your communities, click HERE for more info!

Celestial Communications Workshop

Study this specialized meditation form so that you can better teach Celestial Communications and share the joy of this artful form of meditation. Adarsh Kaur leads Celestial Communication for the Heart July 19th, replay available, special discount for Trainers, click HERE to register.

SSSC is looking to hire a program manager

The SSSC is looking to add q member to its administrative team, The Legacy Program Manager (“Legacy PM”).

This role is a pivotal one, setting the stage for community and program alignment in the organizational wellness programs that will propel this vision to fruition. The Legacy PM will work collaboratively with the Legacy Non-Profit Organizations to develop systems and processes to support the over-arching strategic vision. Long-term success will be defined by prosperity and mission expansion across all the Legacy non-profit organizations and the greater global community. 

If you would like to read more about the position or apply please click HERE.

Renew your Trainer License today

Please remember that trainer licenses expired on July 1st. If you haven’t renewed your license yet, please complete the form and make the payment before you submit it. 

For those who have already taken care of your renewal, thank you very much!