July 19, 2021 – Trainer Update

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As Just Outcomes shared in the summit – we are working towards a shared story – not an identical story, but one big enough to allow all of our differences to co-exist with one another.  And “the quality of relationships among us does, and will, matter.”  There will be continuing discussions over the coming months and years.  It was apparent that trainers are ready to show up and have these conversations in the uplifting manner that is in alignment with our values.

19 Jul 2021 trainer update – highlights from the Summit from KRI Aquarian Development Series on Vimeo.

ATA Trainer SummitBuilding Bridges to Enhance Our Service

On July 8 – 11 we had the Global ATA Trainer Summit – Building Bridges to Enhance Our Service.  The time together truly was a pivot towards the future. It was a chance for authentic and conscious communications between trainers from over 14 countries in multiple languages. Discussions on fundamental and sometimes challenging topics happened during the four sessions. 

The Steering committee is completing a full follow-up report to be sent out by July 26th and it will be posted on Sutra along with notes from the break-out groups.  Recordings of the workshops that were offered in English and Spanish will be available in the eLearning Center by August 8th. In the next bulletin we will include a full list of the workshops offered and how to access them.

The Relationship between Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma

The trainers involved in the SSSC-KRI commission have drafted this position paper regarding the relationship between Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma.  We hope that it is helpful.

New draft Code of Ethics for Kundalini Yoga teachers

This draft is open for discussion and dialogue in Sutra here.  The hope is that we will bring a version of this to the Oct TTEC meetings.

The Roots and Context of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan

One of the yoga researchers that KRI has engaged, Rob Zabel, has delivered his report about the history of our practices.  You can download it here.

Update regarding the demographic survey

Please see this letter from the KRI Staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team regarding the next steps with the demographic survey we piloted at the Dec 2020 Trainer Summit.

Upcoming eLearning Workshops for you and your students

Celestial Communications Workshop

Study this specialized meditation form so that you can better teach Celestial Communications and share the joy of this artful form of meditation. Adarsh Kaur leads Celestial Communication for the Heart July 19th, replay available, special discount for Trainers, click HERE to register.

YOGA OF INTERSECTIONALITY: The African Roots of Kundalini Yoga & Social Justice

This is a self-paced workshop with Gurumukh Mark Harris MA, CADC I, MAC.

You cannot miss this opportunity to understand the Kundalini Yoga from a diversity and inclusion perspective. All Yoga teachers & trainers navigating the Aquarian Age need this class to grasp the complex intersections of class, race, ability and how to be sensitive with knowledge and depth. Special early bird discount for this ground breaking self-paced workshop.

Email [email protected] for trainer entrance into this special class, 6 hours of pre-recorded content that you do at your own pace. Public entry price $299, Trainers; $250. This class has scholarships as needed, contact [email protected] to request.

Click here for more info.https://yoi.sutra.co

New ATA Regional Administrators

KRI is moving forward with the implementation of the new locally based administrators of the Academy to better support our community of trainers.

Dev Atma Kaur (USA and Canada), Preet Kamal Kaur (Asia and Australia), along with Puranjot Kaur (Brazil) and Sarb Jit Kaur (Europe, Africa, Latin America) will be assisting you all as the Regional Aquarian Trainer Academy Administrators in the respective regions. 

All the information and details about the new regional administrations can be found in the ATA regional administration page on the trainer support website.

Renew your Trainer License today

Please remember that trainer licenses expired on July 1st. If you haven’t renewed your license yet, please complete the form and make the payment before you submit it. 

For those who have already taken care of your renewal, thank you very much!