August 29, 2022 – Trainer Update

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The power, and challenge, of staying together


Discount for Associate and Professional trainers for 21 Stages

As teachers in the Aquarian Age, we are aware that the path of learning and sharing never ends. The teachings are a pillar to strengthening our community and the entire world.  One of the KRI’s purposes is to support you all to progress through the ATA. Qualified Associates and Professional trainers can participate as trainers in 21 Stages of Meditation courses, and part of the qualifications is to have taken the course already. To support more of you Associate and Professionals to take 21 Stages of Meditation, as a first step to being able to teach it, we are offering you all 50% off our October 2022 21 Stages of Meditation course! 

Register here with the discount code “ATA50%”.

Three draft proposals for your review

The curriculum committee has worked on two draft proposals – about online Level One teacher trainings, and about the amount of pre-recorded content permitted in Level One and Level Two trainings.  And the Professional Development Committee is submitting a proposal for consideration regarding professional trainers who don’t want to become leads not needing a mentor. 

All trainers in the ATA are invited to participate in reviewing them, suggesting edits, and eventually voting on them.  The first step is an online discussion, beginning now.  The curriculum committee will then take any suggestions from these dialogues under advisement and may (or may not) edit the proposals.  They will then be brought to the Sept regional trainer meetings, for face-to-face discussion about them.  The notes and recommendations from those discussions will be posted online for everyone to access.  One more round of online discussion will then happen, followed by an online vote.

Pre-recorded Content in Level One and Level Two Teacher Trainings

Online Level One Teacher Trainings

Some Professionals to have a Peer Reflection Group and not need to have a Mentor

Next Steps in the Trademark discussions

In early November, the ATA will continue the discussion on the trademark – but not to be looking to make a decision one way or another at that time.  For now, KRI will maintain the current options (to use Kundalini Yoga or Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®). The trainers who met in the June regional meetings asked that we keep these conversations moving, but it was also clear that deeper dialogue is still needed before making a decision.  In November Just Outcomes will come to support a deepening circle process for these discussions.

Monthly IKYTA Ethics & Professional Development Sessions

With the objective of bringing reflections, resources, and inspiration to teachers for the expansion of professional, social, and spiritual awareness, we decided to offer monthly moments of exchange on  themes we have received as pertinent in the current times we live in. These themes are related to ethics, building diversity, inclusion, equity, accessibility and a critical sense about our own role as teachers and as agents of change in our social environment.  The offerings will run from August through December 2022, with one session each month on diverse and inspiring topics.

Find out more and register here.

Using Sutra to improve your teacher trainings

Level One graduates and my friends Lorenz and Natasha have created an all-in-one online learning and community platform called Sutra – which hopefully you all know from our online policy discussions.  Though you can use the platform for so much more!

Their work comes from the heart and they’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, yoga teachers, and healers to help them create learning experiences that invite presence and meaningful connection online.

We’ve used Sutra for several years now, and Lorenz and Natasha have been great to work with.  They are always responsive when we have any needs.

They just launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a new kind of social platform designed around supporting a global ecosystem of transformational learning spaces.  They’re offering some pretty significant discounts on their platform to people who contribute.  Please take a look at their campaign page and if you feel inspired like I do, support them in any way that you feel called to:

They’re also offering a free workshop next week called Tools for Transformational Teaching.  This is a great way to meet them and get a sense of the energy behind their work.  You can register here: