September 12, 2022 – Trainer Update

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Watch Amrit’s weekly video here

Seva website, Annual report, and reminder of the 3 proposals


Regional Meetings

In a few weeks we will have our third Regional Meeting of this year. We will have an open agenda during the first part, so you are welcome to bring some topics or concerns you may have. You can send them directly to Ravi Prem Kaur at [email protected], or you can let us know in the registration link bellow. We will also discuss around possible proposals. See you there.

US/CANADA Wednesday, September 21st – 17:00 New York time

LATIN AMERICA Friday, September 23rd – 18:00 Chile/Brazil time

ASIA/OCEANIA – Tuesday, September 27th – 9:30 Beijing time

EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLE EAST/RUSSIA – Wednesday, September 28th – 16:00 Rome/Paris Time


Seva webpage

Check out this new webpage to highlight seva projects being done by Kundalini Yogis.  Search for people doing similar work, post your own projects!  Inspiring and connecting through our service.

KRI’s most recent annual report

You can find the report on KRI’s activities from 1 July 2021 through 30 Jun 2022 here.

Level 2 Pedagogy Report: Building Sangat Consciousness

Check out what worked and what didn’t in KRI’s recent Level 2 training.  KRI uses each training program we run as an experimental laboratory to constantly be improving our teaching methods.  We then share the outcomes of these research projects with you.  If you missed the first report, you can find it here.

Qualifying to vote in the upcoming SSSC elections

Leads and Professionals will automatically get a ballot to vote.  You must be relicensed by 8pm Eastern Daylight Time on 8 Oct to be considered as “Active.”  If you still need to relicense, you can do so here.  If you are an intern or an Associate, you can still vote, but you will need to register.  You can do so here, but this must be done (including getting 3 letters of recommendation submitted online) by Sept 13th.

Three draft proposals for your review

The curriculum committee has worked on two draft proposals – about online Level One teacher trainings, and about the amount of pre-recorded content permitted in Level One and Level Two trainings.  And the Professional Development Committee is submitting a proposal for consideration regarding professional trainers who don’t want to become leads not needing a mentor. 

All trainers in the ATA are invited to participate in reviewing them, suggesting edits, and eventually voting on them.  The first step is an online discussion, beginning now.  The curriculum committee will then take any suggestions from these dialogues under advisement and may (or may not) edit the proposals.  They will then be brought to the Sept regional trainer meetings, for face-to-face discussion about them.  The notes and recommendations from those discussions will be posted online for everyone to access.  One more round of online discussion will then happen, followed by an online vote.

Pre-recorded Content in Level One and Level Two Teacher Trainings

Online Level One Teacher Trainings

Some Professionals to have a Peer Reflection Group and not need to have a Mentor