September 26, 2022 – Trainer Update

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New research papers webpage, seeking new board members, and an overview of KRI’s programs beyond teacher training


Regional Meetings

Last week we started with the ATA Regional Meetings. It is still time for you to join us in the Europe and Asia/Oceania meetings!

ASIA/OCEANIA – Tuesday, September 27th – 9:30 Beijing time

EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLE EAST/RUSSIA – Wednesday, September 28th – 16:00 Rome/Paris Time


November regional trainer meetings

In November we will have a Global Follow Up Meeting, to keep Deepening the Dialogue regarding the bigger issues surrounding the maintenance or changing of our existing trademark. We will have a cross-region Reference Team of trainers to prepare that meeting, and the guidance and participation of Just Outcomes as well. Please Save the Date!

Track One (Asia-Oceania Centralized): Sunday November 13th;

Track Two (Western Centralized), Saturday November 19th.

Registration will open soon.

Research papers

We have a new webpage to help you search for and download Kundalini Yoga research papers.  There are 2 very newly published ones as well – one showing that Kundalini Yoga can be effective helping people with Lyme disease, and one showing that practicing Kundalini Yoga increases the size of the hippocampus.

KRI is looking to add new board members

KRI is looking for people passionate about our mission who would be willing to volunteer for this important role. You can see who the current board members are here. You do NOT need to be a trainer to be a board member, so if you know anyone with the skills and inclination, please share these links with others.

If you are so inspired and wish to know more about this role, you can apply here.

Three draft proposals for your review

The curriculum committee has worked on two draft proposals – about online Level One teacher trainings, and about the amount of pre-recorded content permitted in Level One and Level Two trainings.  And the Professional Development Committee is submitting a proposal for consideration regarding professional trainers who don’t want to become leads not needing a mentor. 

All trainers in the ATA are invited to participate in reviewing them, suggesting edits, and eventually voting on them.  The first step is an online discussion, beginning now.  The curriculum committee will then take any suggestions from these dialogues under advisement and may (or may not) edit the proposals.  They will then be brought to the Sept regional trainer meetings, for face-to-face discussion about them.  The notes and recommendations from those discussions will be posted online for everyone to access.  One more round of online discussion will then happen, followed by an online vote.

Pre-recorded Content in Level One and Level Two Teacher Trainings

Online Level One Teacher Trainings

Some Professionals to have a Peer Reflection Group and not need to have a Mentor