August 15, 2022 – Trainer Update

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Updates from the European Yoga Festival – Global + Local = GLOCAL


Planning for September Regional Trainer Meetings

We are planning our next Regional Meetings and want to get your input and preferences. Please take 2 minutes to answer this survey (available in multiple languages).

Two draft proposals for your reviews

The curriculum committee has worked on two draft proposals – about online Level One teacher trainings, and about the amount of pre-recorded content permitted in Level One and Level Two trainings.  All trainers in the ATA are invited to participate in reviewing them, suggesting edits, and eventually voting on them.  The first step is an online discussion, beginning now.  The curriculum committee will then take any suggestions from these dialogues under advisement and may (or may not) edit the proposals.  They will then be brought to the Sept regional trainer meetings, for face-to-face discussion about them.  The notes and recommendations from those discussions will be posted online for everyone to access.  One more round of online discussion will then happen, followed by an online vote.

Pre-recorded Content in Level One and Level Two Teacher Trainings

Online Level One Teacher Trainings

ATA Trainer License Renewal

A valid ATA license is required if you plan to remain an active trainer in the ATA between July 2022 and June 2023. Trainers in ALL ROLES NEED to renew, including INTERNS (100% code was sent to bypass payment section).

Contact your ATA Regional Admin if you have any questions.

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