August 1, 2022 – Trainer Update

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What’s changing and what’s staying the same


KRI New Release!

We are so proud and happy to announce the release of The Kundalini Meditation Oracle – a simple and practical 60 card-deck with 60 one-posture Kundalini Yoga meditations that, we hope, will inspire and uplift your practice. There is a presale discount that goes up to August 20th. We have created special gifts and great discounts to encourage you to buy during the presale. Don’t miss out.Click here to buy your copy now from KRI, or here to buy from Sat Nam Europe.

50% off KRI’s 21 Stages course for all Associate and Professional trainers

KRI uses the trainings that we run for several purposes, one of which is supporting you all to progress through the ATA.  Qualified Associates and Professional trainers can participate as trainers in 21 Stages of Meditation courses, and part of the qualifications is to have taken the course already.  To support more of you Associate and Professionals to take 21 Stages, as a first step to being able to teach it, we are offering you all 50% off our October, 2022 21 Stages course!

ATA Trainer License Renewal

A valid ATA license is required if you plan to remain an active trainer in the ATA between July 2022 and June 2023. One way that we demonstrate our commitment to upholding our professional standards is by renewing and completing the licensing agreement.

Note: A US$54 Late fee will be applied on August 2nd.

Trainers in ALL ROLES NEED to renew, including INTERNS (100% code was sent to bypass payment section).

Stay attentive to your email for the final confirmation from the Portal. Contact your ATA Regional Admin if you have any questions.