September 6, 2021 – Trainer Update

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6 Sept 2021 trainer update – new board members, looking for applications for regional ATA administrators from KRI Aquarian Development Series on Vimeo.

KRI is recruiting for two part-time ATA regional administrators!

Any of you are welcome to apply, but also please share with your teams or teachers in Latin America and Europe who may be qualified and interested.  The job description can be found here

Please email a resume and cover letter to Puranjot Kaur if interested!

Research paper into origins of some of the Humanology teachings

Please see this 2nd research paper that KRI commissioned into the origins of our teachings.  This one focuses on some of the lifestyle and humanology teachings.

KRI is proud to announce 3 new board members!

KRI is welcoming Dhyan Bhakti Kaur from the USA, Sohan Kaur from Italy (Germany originally), and Kirtan Mantra Kaur from Mexico (Argentina originally) to our Board of Directors.  For the future, KRI is committed to having the next board members be added via an election process. The details of such process aren’t 100% finalized, but you can read the rough outline in English below.  As always, comments are welcome.  Links to the outline in other languages are:









E-Learning workshop “Protection from Viral Illness”

With Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur – with COVID cases increasing in many areas, we’d like to share this video class again.

E-Learning Courses with Special Discount codes for Academy members

In service we have curated the following E-Learning Courses with Special Discount codes 15-20% off for ALL Academy Members:

Alive Leadership: Decision Making with GuruSangat Kaur PhD 

“Replay available if you miss live”

The Yoga of Intersectionality: African Roots of Kundalini & Social Justice

Embodying the 12 Steps: Freedom from Addiction with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Power of the Navel: Adjustment, Alignment & Activation with Pavanjeet

Have you renewed your Trainer License?

If you haven’t renewed your license yet, please do it by completing the form and submitting your payment.  A US$54 late fee will be applied after September 15th.

For those who have already taken care of your renewal, thank you very much!