September 20, 2021 – Trainer Update

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Watch Amrit’s weekly video – Our annual report, and mark your calendars for TTEC and a free pedagogy webinar

20 Sept trainer update – annual report and save the date reminders from KRI Aquarian Development Series on Vimeo.

KRI’s Latest Annual Report

You can access KRI’s annual report for the period July 2020 to June 2021 here.

Reminder – TTEC meetings coming up

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 28, 29 and 30 October.  There will be (we think) 3 proposals – one discussed each day.  There will be two tracks each day to hopefully accommodate all time zones.

How do Adults Learn Best?  Become a Better Trainer with Easy Pedagogy Tips.

KRI is offering a free one-hour webinar on 11 November at 17:00 Central European Time, (11:00 in New York, 13:00 in Belo Horizonte). 

It’s valuable for us trainers to stop and ponder our own teaching from time to time. Whether we are interns or experienced trainers each of us has questions about pedagogy – the how of teaching.  How could this be taught more effectively, how to increase interaction, how to bring in something new, how to gain confidence, how to be more inclusive? If we are lifelong learners ourselves, we also have the opportunity to be empowering trainers. In this discussion session, you will get new ideas for teaching on L1 trainings. 

There will be room for pedagogy-related questions and sharing of best practices. The event will be hosted by Jagat Prem Kaur from Finland, who is a professional adult educator and a professional trainer. 

To attend, simply open this zoom link at the correct time:

Just Outcomes Update Letter to the Community

As a reminder, you can sign up on the Compassionate Reconciliation website, which is available in multiple languages, to receive regular email updates about this process.  The update (posted in the News section) from 3 Sept, includes invitations to several upcoming free workshops (Circle facilitation training, An Introduction to Restorative Justice) and Q&A sessions.

Special Trainer discounts on these upcoming online workshops!

In service we have curated the following E-Learning Courses with Special Discount codes 15-20% off for ALL Academy Members:

The Yoga of Intersectionality: African Roots of Kundalini & Social Justice

Intersectionality is where multiple external systems of discrimination and internalized oppression intersect, interact and force multiply. What we call social justice and civil rights struggle, has a millennia long history and praxis, rooted in cultures of tradition. If we explore the civil rights/social justice movement through our understanding of yoga; the inner warrior for social change emerges.

Elements and Alchemy

We are so pleased to announce that we are co producing a Kundalini Yoga Therapy course. If you are a yoga teacher that wants to go deep and understand the medicine of the meridian system and how asana incorporates meridian flow, this course is for you. If you are currently working with students as a healer or coach and are looking for certification, this course is an introductory course to the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy School. SPANISH TRANSLATION AVAILABLE FOR THIS COURSE

Power of the Navel: Adjustment, Alignment & Activation with Pavanjeet

Self Paced Learning with pre recorded content and Zoom calls: The path forward can often become unclear and it’s easy to feel lost. By centering and activating the navel point, recognize your inner strength and build clarity to walk your path confidently. In this three week series through yoga sets, meditation and self-massage you’ll learn how to adjust and activate the navel center to harness your own personal power and self-determination.