Global Summit

Global ATA Trainer Online Summit – Building Bridges to Enhance Our Service

Sat Nam and Greetings from New Mexico,

On behalf of the steering committee thank you for your attendance at the July ATA Trainer Summit, Building Bridges to Enhance our Service. What an experience! Over 215 Trainers from 38 Countries participated; we came together as a community of trainers to be present with one another and deeply listen to each other’s truth in critical conversations. We have deep gratitude to Aaron and Cara for facilitating day one.

The feedback that we have received is that many bridges were built; some internal to deeper compassion and understanding and some were between members of the Academy. More than one trainer stated that the courageous conversations that took place reignited hope for a collective future that can embrace differences with respect. Amrit Singh in his closing said that this Summit was a pivot, a key moment in our community’s evolution, where it feels like we are now ready, willing, and able to co-create our future together.

I would like to share a reflection from a trainer in the US, Gurucharan Singh Khalsa who chairs the subcommittee on mentoring, which deeply resonated with many of us.

“During the Summit I experienced a profound connection with others in the Academy. More than at any other gathering to date. I was moved by each person’s honesty in sharing-: “here’s my truth”; “this is my experience”; “this is what I’m dealing with now.”

I just want to share that the quality of the interactions with others were excellent and held a space for the diversity of views and processes.

My belief is that these gatherings are the next step, and this is what we need to do in the present as we embrace our own humanity and the humanity of each other. The kinds of conversations that we are having are allowing us to do that. They shifted my perspective on this period of crisis that we have been through these past couple of years. Thank you.

Sincerely and with gratitude,

Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

KRI Director of Professional Development and Outreach

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