October 18, 2021 – Trainer Update

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Watch Amrit’s weekly video here – Principles versus Preferences

18 Oct 2021 Trainer update – Principles vs Preferences from KRI E-Learning Center on Vimeo.

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28, 29 & 30 October

Track 1 – 10am-12pm NYC time (EDT)

Track 2 – 7pm-9pm NYC time (EDT)

Thursday Oct 28th – Proposal to Simplify the ATA paperwork

Friday Oct 29th – Proposal to Redefine the Roles in the ATA

Saturday Oct 30th – Proposal to adopt a new Code of Conduct for Kundalini Yoga Teachers

And a retirement party for Sarb Jit Kaur at the end of each of these sections!  If you’d like, please comment on her Kudo board here.

Key principles to guide KRI’s changes

On October 5th we had two sets of conversations facilitated by Just Outcomes. 

Participants began a process of enumerating key principles to guide our collective work around the role of hierarchies within the Academy, and how best to hold space for Trainers’ diverse relationships with the legacy of Yogi Bhajan.

Some of us KRI staff are still organizing the notes from these meetings, and we’ll reflect back in the next trainer update email the principles that emerged and an invitation to an activity where all of you can help take the next steps with these principles.

New edition of Vitality and Stress now available

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited 3rd edition of the Level Two manual Vitality & Stress (English) is now available through Vital Source. The hard copy will be available for purchase through the Trainer Store by early November.