June 7, 2021 – Trainer Update

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The future of TTEC and Summits and Quarterly Forums, we will set a fixed schedule for regional and global meetings.

Building Bridges to Enhance Our Service

ATA Trainer Summit- July 8, 9,10,11 –  Register Today!  An opportunity to build bridges with fellow trainers around the globe, to have timely critical conversations, training and guided processes with Just Outcomes in the Compassionate Reconciliation Process, skill building through best practices in Level One and Level Two, and time to deeply meditate together.

Regional Trainer Meetings Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Regional Trainer Meetings in Latin America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Canada/US.  Here are the notes from the discussion groups, all available in 8 languages, of those meetings and these will be used to build groups on foundational topics for discussion and potential changes.

New research in Kundalini Yoga

Dr. Sat Bir Singh has recently published a new study showing that Kundalini Yoga is an effective treatment for chronic insomnia.  Check it out here.

Renew your Trainer License NOW

We thank you for all the efforts you are making to continue teaching and uplifting humankind through Kundalini Yoga. Please click now to take care of your re-licensing before 1 July.

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