March 1, 2021 Trainer Update

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TTEC Proposals

There are 6 Proposals that are posted in  Sutra and open for comments!  Please let Amrit know if you can’t access them.  The next step in the whole TTEC process will be language-specific discussion calls to gather input and possible edits to these proposals. 

  • The discussion circles for each of the 6 proposals, with the proposals in English, are here.
  • Please find translations of all the proposals here.  But please comment, in your native language, within the above-linked circles.

Online Level One Training Policy continues

As COVID continues to make teaching yoga in person challenging in most places in the world, this is a reminder of KRI’s current policy around online Level One programs.  As was approved at the Sept 2020 TTEC meetings:

KRI values in-person classroom time, and encourages all Level One programs to hold as much in-person time as COVID measures will allow.  This includes getting creative with how and where and when and with whom such in-person time is achieved.  As a temporary measure due to COVID, Lead Trainers can hold up to 80% of their Level One program online.  In some circumstances and locations, we recognize that some trainings may have to, for right now, be 100% online.  Trainers can apply to get approval for this by emailing the circumstances to [email protected].”

Distributed Administration of the Aquarian Teacher Program

At the Sept 2020 TTEC meetings a proposal was approved to distribute the administration of the Aquarian Teacher (basically the jobs that Sarb Jit and Puranjot Kaur have been doing for the entire world) to regional KRI representatives.  A global team of trainers has continued to meet to plan this process.  We hope this will continue to expand the customer support to all trainers in the language of the trainer. A trial run will begin testing this idea in Brazil and China in the next few months.

The relationship between KRI and the SSSC

In response to concerns from trainers around the world, representatives of the SSSC board, the KRI board, and 3 randomly chosen teacher trainers are having meetings to explore the issues around the relationship between KRI and our parent corporation, the Siri Singh Sahib Corp (SSSC).  Based on the survey of all trainers, the primary issues are the:  SSSC’s lack of transparency, SSSC not being a truly representative body, and the status of SSSC with the US tax authorities as a religious non-profit, whereas KRI’s status is as an educational non-profit.  Updates will be shared in future trainer updates, and any of you are welcome to email your thoughts and comments to Amrit Singh to share with this commission.

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