February 15, 2021 – Trainer Update

KRI’s 2021 Outstanding Achievement Award

– KRI is proud to honor and highlight the service and accomplishments of Dukh Niwaran Kaur (USA), Dalmeet Kaur (South Africa), Gurusangat Kaur (Brazil), and the group of three lead trainers living in China (Saramdeep Kaur, Japbir Kaur, and Sangeeta Kaur) as our 2021 Honorees.  Please read more here.  And for 2022, there will be a link on this page for anyone to nominate a potential honoree, and we will bring the nominees to the ATA to vote to select next year’s honorees!

Trainer Participation in ATA Decisions

For a change of pace, rather than another boring video of me, I made a short video to summarize all of the many, many ways in which you all can participate in the KRI decision making process. Enjoy!

April 8-11 Global TTEC Zoom Meetings

  • Links to the proposals – We plan to bring several proposals to a vote at these TTEC meetings.  Please read them ahead of time and post your questions and comments in Sutra (where they will be posted by 16 Feb) or attend Discussion calls detailed below
    • Online L1 programs post-COVID
    • Mentoring pathway for professionals
    • 21 Stages trainer pathway (Associates can train)
    • Adding a Peer feedback component to ATA interviews
    • An online learning component to interns becoming associates
    • YB investigation transparency
  • Scheduling discussion calls by language – The April meetings will only be for voting.  There will NOT be any opportunity to modify the proposals at that point.  Hence these important TTEC discussion zoom meetings are the only opportunity for you and your peers to offer feedback to possibly modify the proposals.  Please fill out a 1 question survey about which times you can attend a zoom call in your preferred language.  These surveys will be open until 28 Feb.
    • If you want to participate in a discussion call in English, please use this survey
    • Se você quiser participar de uma chamada de discussão em português, por favor, use esta pesquisa
  • How voting will work – please watch this short video slideshow, with subtitles (click on the “CC” button in the bottom right to choose your language) in multiple languages, to learn how the voting will happen at the April TTEC meetings

Upcoming e-Learning workshops for you and your students:

On the Mat: Leveling UP with Vedya Amrita: Saibhung, the internal space of stillness

Friday, Feb. 19, 6:00-7:30 PM EST (New York)

Saibhung, the internal space of stillness that is the guide as we navigate the Aquarian age. Vedya Amrita Kaur leads Kriya for Meditation on Self as a simple and penetrating practice that clears and renews your future. For beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.: Understanding the Biomedical Science Behind Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Research

Friday, Feb. 26, 11:00-12:30 EST (New York)

Join us for a special pre-recorded presentation/LIVE Q and A with Dr. Sat Bir Singh that clearly lays out the science behind how yoga works in easy to understand language, how meditation leads to self-regulation and reviews the existing published research studies on Kundalini Yoga.