August 24, 2020 – Trainer Update

Watch Amrit’s weekly video – Update on resources to support you and students around the report from An Olive Branch. 

Click on the “CC” at the bottom of the video to see subtitles in various languages.

  • Zoom calls just for trainers regarding the report from An Olive Branch – Many of you have participated in the recent calls KRI held jointly with 3HO to provide information about the report.  We are now scheduling additional calls just for trainers, in several time zones and with translation provided.  Check out the schedule here and make sure to register for the call(s) you’d like to attend.

  • Lead and Professional Trainer Interviews – We will continue to hold these online for the immediate future, and hence are open to receiving applications on a “rolling” basis, rather than needing to wait until the European Yoga Festival or Summer Solstice.  When you and your mentor determine you are ready, you can apply through the trainer portal.

  • Global Healing Meditation continuing – The Global Ra-Ma-Da-Sa meditation is continuing.  You, and anyone in your community (so please share this link!), can join a zoom call to meditate together daily at 6:30am Mountain Daylight Time (Denver, CO) here:

  • Request for Prayers – You are invited to join us in our prayers for Sada Simran Singh, a trainer from the US who is currently hospitalized with a serious case of Covid-19.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers and meditations.

  • Upcoming Webinars for you and your students
    • Self Responsibility of a Teacher/Trainer with Dr. Haridass –  Join us live on Monday August 24th 12-2PM EDT (New York time), or pre-recorded one week after.  Together in this webinar, we will explore the question of how we define our role as a Trainer within the Academy and the training teams and teaching community that we are a part of. Are we simply instructing yoga, teaching broader yogic philosophy, building a yogic community or spiritual coaches? How do we allow each person to find their own place and align with their unique destiny? Let’s discover our guiding light, our touchstone to emerge in our truth that will carry us through the chaos around us.   
    • A Yogic Approach for Grief Recovery with Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur – Join us on Zoom: Thursday, August 27th, 12-14:00 EDT (New York).  Login or register on Sutra, replay available one week later. This webinar explores the real lived experience of the many facets of grief. You will gain simple techniques to transform and integrate the experience of grief and allow new awareness to develop in your spiritual maturity. 

From Crisis to Community with Lorenz and Natasha Sell – Thursday, Sept. 10th, 12-2 EDT (New York).  If you cannot make the live webinar, please watch the recording one week later.  Whatever the global situation might be presenting you with, this is an invitation to consider how we can come together as a community to create a connection. Our time together will explore this territory in a safe, supportive, and even playful environment as we bring the nuances of our personal experience into presence in our collective container. This virtual gathering will offer a relational space to discover our common humanity through the practice of deep listening and embodied presence. This is an experiential and experimental event, where we lovingly step into new ways of being together and hold space for a deeper and more personal understanding of community to emerge. We’ll engage in a social presencing process and have an opportunity to share with each other in a meaningful way.