How can my Level one students meet all the certification requirements without being able to attend a White Tantric Yoga event?

Participation in a full day of White Tantric Yoga (WTY) is a powerful, transformational experience with one of Yogi Bhajan’s teaching that KRI feels is extremely important for all Level One Instructors to have experienced.

Participation has been a requirement for certification in KRI Level One Teacher Training, with students required to take the WTY only after they began the Level One course

A country-by-country temporary exception has been given, allowing trainings in location with no WTY offered nearby to give their students a different powerful group meditative experience directly with Yogi Bhajan – doing the first 5 rebirthing videos in a group setting.

Some areas have WTY only every other year. For some students, attendance would still require a flight and accommodation expenses on top of the WTY registration fees, and some students find it economically impossible to attend even nearby courses.

Without reducing the importance of WTY as an experience every Kundalini Yoga Instructor needs to have, this policy has been expanded to allow more flexibility for when students participate in this experience.

White Tantric Yoga – Level 1 Exception Policy