How can I have a contract that has an unusual format approved?

There have been some inconsistencies in our existing policies, specifically around the # of training days and the total duration of the course. We have in the past approved some Level One programs that had less than 22 training days – which is the new minimum set by this new Level One Formats policy. We also have approved Level One programs that are shorter than 6 months in total duration, with one week, then a 2-month break, another week, then another 2-month break, and a final 1-week module.

This new Level One Formats policy states that 6 months is the minimum duration for all Level One programs. 2. This policy will allow lead trainers to apply to offer Level One courses in different formats (number of days and number of modules) than are currently allowed. This means that people can apply to teach courses with two or even only one module (immersion format).

Level One Program – Formats Policy