April 1, 2024 – Trainer Update

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The new KRI board of directors welcomes questions, concerns, and comments.  Please email anything you’d like to share to [email protected] by Friday, Apr 5th, and he will consolidate them all into a single document and share with all of you and the new board.

Global Summit

Registration is now OPEN for our upcoming Online Global Summit, April 2024!  We invite you to reflect on this year’s topic “Serving the World: Honoring what is timeless and stepping up to today’s unique challenges”. Please, come and register here

We will have Two Tracks: 

April 20th & 21st for Track One (Asia, Oceania and Europe Time centered); 

April 27th & 28th for Track Two (Americas and Europe Time centered).

The KRI Team, with the help and wisdom from the Global Advisory Committee, has prepared this event with much care and commitment, to offer this opportunity for connection, discussions and to nurture our knowledge and skills. Check the video prepared for you and all the information here.

Here is a link for Track One Summit Agenda & here is a link for Track Two Summit Agenda.

In Person Trainer’s meeting in Argentina

Coming next Friday, April 5th. For more information,  contact Ravi Prem Kaur at [email protected]

In Person Trainer Forum in Española

June 13th. Save the date and more details coming soon

Project to Develop a Safety Concept

Spearheaded by Amrit Kaur in Berlin ([email protected]), check out this project for the European Community that you can be involved in.  Here is a write-up, and here is a short video about it.

ATA Admin Corner

Meet below the ATA Admin corner, a place where we plan to leave important information always in hand!

Meet the ATA Regional Administrators

Renew your ATA Trainer License – 2023 – 2024

Check out the new  Pedagogy Project  section of our website – a place for trainers to share with one another best practices and pedagogy tools for each L2 Module, and every part of the Level 1 program.

A precious experience in the ATA pathway is to support and inspire your peers. Are you available to participate in a Lead or Professional INTERVIEW PROCESS? Click and Let us know! 

Are you an Associate, Professional or Lead and want to become a SPONSOR for an Applicant to the ATA? Are you a MENTOR and available to receive NEW mentees? — Click and Let us know!

Participate in KRI Standing Committees! Your engagement is VERY important.

Find all ATA documents in the Trainer Support Website – ATA Pathway and Program Administration.

Need help on how to use ATA Google Drive documents? See Short video HERE

Useful links to L1 Admin ChecklistL2 Admin Checklist 21 Stages Checklist