February 26, 2024 – Trainer Update

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In loving memory of Sat Santokh Singh and Sada Anand Singh, and getting excited about our upcoming Global Trainers Summit

Negative PR Heads-Up

We are letting you know about a new documentary series that is being shown on March 10th at SXSW among many dozens of other films.  It is called  “Long Time Sun,” and you can read more about it here.  We do not have any further information about the film, but anticipate it may contain some content critical of our teachings and community. 

As we have been clear about over the last several years, KRI stands firmly against abuses of power of any form.  And we are very proud of all the systems we have in place (truly the best in the yoga world) to promote a safe environment for all Kundalini Yoga students.  As you may be aware, KRI’s parent organization, the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation, has heard the concerns from some current and prior community members and created numerous healing initiatives, including an Independent Healing and Reparations Program, to address them.     

We hope that the limited release of this movie won’t have any negative impact on your classes and trainings.  But if there is more support that KRI can give you regarding how to best respond to student questions or concerns, please let us know.  

Finally, if you are approached by media for comment about this film or any other matters, please refer them to Amrit Singh for follow-up and to develop a coordinated response throughout our organizations.

L3 MELA Español / Português 2024–5, 6 y 7 de Abril, Online

Ya está abierto el registro / As inscrições estão abertas.  Si ya formas parte del Nivel 3, te puedes registrar hasta el 22 de Marzo. / Se você já faz parte do Nível 3, pode se inscrever aqui até 22 de março.


Para iniciar tu camino de Nivel 3, primero debes aplicar. / Para iniciar seu caminho no Nível 3, você deve primeiro se inscrever.  

8 de marzo: cierre de aplicaciones. / 8 de março: encerramento das inscrições

Formulario de Aplicación

Contacto: Inderjot Kaur — [email protected]

Level 2 certificate requests

For several years now, we have had an online form for teachers to request their L2 certificate. PLEASE OFFER this link to your students for L2 certificate requests. Upon the completion of all 5 Level Two modules, which cannot be taken in a time period of less than 2 years, the practitioner can apply for the 300-hour Level Two KRI Certificate of Training. Please make sure to inform all your students about the TWO-YEAR minimum policy.

Trainer Store Migration to the KRI Store

Please note that we are transitioning the Trainer Discount Store to the Source Store. All orders of Teacher Training Material will take place in the Source Store under the category Teacher Training Material” on the vertical menu on your left.

You’ll only see the Teacher Training materials once you’re logged in to KRI’s The Source Store with your KRI website account email address, the one that you used to renew your ATA Trainer license. Here is a Step-By-Step Procedure to help you place your order in The Source Store. 

If you want to provide authorization for any of your program administrators or managers, please use this form. If you have any questions, please contact your regional administrator.

Upcoming Global Trainer Summit — Registration is now Open!

In April, we will have our annual global trainer summit, bringing together all members of the ATA worldwide.  April 20th and 21st will be at times convenient for Asia/Oceania and Europe, and April 27th and 28th will be at times convenient for the Americas and Europe. You can register here and check all the information. As always, we will have opportunities for professional development.  Instead of traditional workshop formats, we will have panel discussions around 3 topics — The History of Yoga, Online Training Best Practices, and Digital Marketing.  If you have an interest and skills in one of these three topics, please let us know by emailing Siri Sahib at [email protected].

Planning Ahead for 2024 Trainer Meetings

During 2024, we will have two opportunities to be Globally gathered online as Sangat of ATA Trainers; several opportunities to gather in person in different regions and  local online meetings with trainers of your country only. Through all these meetings, we have the chance to stay connected among Trainers Locally and Globally and bring the Sangat experience alive; keep deepening in our Professional Development as Trainers and have first-hand information and experiences with the KRI Team. Please, save the dates and join us. Remember as well that participating in these meetings at least once every 2 years is part of the requirements to move forward into the Academy. Looking forward to meeting with you Online and In Person!

  • Trainer Forum, in-person, Santiago-Chile. Date to be defined
  • Trainer Meeting, April 5th 2024, in-person, Buenos Aires-Argentina
  • Global Summit, April, online. Register HERE
    • April 20-21: Asia-Oceania & Europe/Russia/Middle East/Africa
    • April 27 & 28: South – North America & Europe/Russia/Middle East/Africa
  • Trainer Forum, Sunday May 19th, in-person, Mexico City-Mexico
  • Trainer Forum, Thursday June 13th, in-person, in Española. Just prior to Summer Solstice
  • Trainer Forum, Early August, in-person, Jambville, France. Just prior to EYF. 
  • Regional Trainer Meetings, October 2024, online.

ATA Admin Corner

Meet below the ATA Admin corner, a place where we plan to leave important information always in hand!

Meet the ATA Regional Administrators

Renew your ATA Trainer License – 2023 – 2024

Check out the new  Pedagogy Project  section of our website – a place for trainers to share with one another best practices and pedagogy tools for each L2 Module, and every part of the Level 1 program.

A precious experience in the ATA pathway is to support and inspire your peers. Are you available to participate in a Lead or Professional INTERVIEW PROCESS? Click and Let us know! 

Are you an Associate, Professional or Lead and want to become a SPONSOR for an Applicant to the ATA? Are you a MENTOR and available to receive NEW mentees? — Click and Let us know!

Participate in KRI Standing Committees! Your engagement is VERY important.

Find all ATA documents in the Trainer Support Website – ATA Pathway and Program Administration.

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