January 9, 2023 – Trainer Update

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Happy New Year and lots going on as usual!

Simpler, less bureaucratic ATA documents

KRI has listened to your feedback and made a lot of changes to almost all the ATA documents.  The intention has been to make them all simpler, less bureaucratic AND to reduce, where appropriate, the top-down hierarchical components.  At the same time, the documents now also reflect the NEW Level One ATA pathway (that was approved in the fall of 2021 by the ATA).  Please make sure to understand what is new in the L1 Pathway!  Machine translations to several languages are being gradually completed and will be found inside each Original English document. We invite all users to contribute with the improvement of these translations.

Final Proposals for your Review and then an online vote

Please review and comment on Sutra the final versions of these two proposals.  Starting January 24th, we will hold an online vote where all ATA members can vote on the adoption, or not, of them.  In a change from last time, this vote will be a simple yes or no vote.

Minor changes to the Code of Ethics were made

Some small changes were made the top part of the Communication Policy to make the intent clearer, and a new Code Principle 9 was added to recover a piece that was in the previous code and we just discovered was missed in the new.  The additions are highlighted in yellow.

Next Regional Trainer´s Meetings

Save the date!!  Our next ATA gatherings by region will happen in January, so Save the date! Registration will open soon.

  • Asia-Oceania, Monday 16th January 8:00 am Beijing Time, 11:00 Sydney Time
  • Europe-Africa-ME-Russia, Wednesday 18th January, 17:00 Lisbon, 18:00 CET, 19:00 Israel & South Africa; 20:00 Moscow
  • Latin America, Thursday 19th January. 15:00 Mexico City; 16:00 Colombia, Peru, Ecuador; 18:00 Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile
  • US-Canada, Friday 20th January, 14:30 Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver; 15:30 Albuquerque; 17:30 New York, Boston, Montreal and Toronto

Online Global Trainer Summit 2023 – Save the Date!

In April 2023, we will have our next Online Summit. Please Save the Date! Registration will be open during January. We look forward to see you there

  • April 22 & 23, Occident Time Track Centered
  • April 29 & 30, Asia- Oceania Time Track Centered

Apply for Grant from Kundalini Beyond Borders

Are you, or any of your students, working to bring Kundalini Yoga to underserved populations? Would you like to be considered for a cash grant to support your work? The Kundalini Beyond Borders Program does just this, and we’d love to support you!

We are now accepting applications for grants of up to $2,000, to be awarded in March 2023. Applications need to be submitted by January 27, 2023, to be considered for funding. Before completing the application, kindly  review the requirements  to be sure that your project qualifies and to learn how to apply. The application links in several translated languages can be found at the BOTTOM of the document.

If you have any questions, please contact us at  [email protected] .

Free online course

 Understanding Pedagogy and Adult Learning: Tips and Ideas for Kundalini Yoga Teachers  – Led by Jagat Prem Kaur from Finland. Can be helpful to developing Competency 3.8 – Course Facilitation Skills.

 Check HERE  to see a list of some KRI E-Learning Center courses to contribute to the Teacher Trainers’ pathway throughout the Academy. The courses have been SUGGESTED in relationship with the Competency Evaluation form and the Units of Study Content Credit Form.