November 11, 2022 – Trainer Update

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Upcoming trainer meetings, and updates on the 2 proposed new policies


Updates about the 2 Proposals

Upcoming Trainer Meetings

Next week we start the first of the two tracks of Trainer Meetings.

  • November 13th (Sunday) at 13:00 Beijing time – Asia-Oceania Time Centralized. You can use this time converter to check the time in your zone.
  • November 19th (Saturday) at 14:30 New York Time – Occident Time Centralized. You can use this time converter to check the time in your zone.

Any trainer living anywhere is most welcome to attend either or both calls! In both tracks, we will be having the same conversation, with different trainers around the globe!

It will be an opportunity for trainers in different regions to come together to continue the conversations that were inspired by the June Regional Meetings on the issue of branding.  Those who participated in these meetings wanted more time to be in discussion with one another on deeper subjects such on what unites us as trainers globally? And the need to experience our capacity to sit in dialog with those that have different beliefs, lived experiences, positions on where we are at this time. We will have the presence of Just Outcomes team this time, who will help us with the methodology for this conversation.

Register here!

We really hope to have your presence!

Continuation of the conversation about Level One royalty sharing with the NKYTAs

As some of you know, there have been several recent conversations between KRI, IKYTA, NKYTAs and trainers (especially in Europe) about the royalty sharing of Level One program royalties.  KRI and IKYTA have been working on several long term and short term steps we can collectively take as this issue, and all of the associated issues that are also coming up, will require more conversations.  A separate email just recently went out to lead trainers in countries with royalty sharing – please email [email protected] if you didn’t get it.

Invitation to apply to serve on the Global Ethics Commission

The EPS Global Ethics Commission is an international and diverse body of Kundalini Yoga Teacher-Trainers, and other Professionals that serves our global Kundalini Yoga communities in terms of adjudicating serious complaints regarding KRI-certified teachers and trainers.  Read more about this role, and how to apply, here.

Call for Lead and Professional trainers looking to qualify for Level 2 modules

With the success of KRI’s mentoring training for Level 2 programs in 2022, we are opening a new call for applications for the 2023 Level 2 courses: Vitality and Stress (March 2023) & Lifestyles and Lifecycles (July 2023).   If you are ready to teach in a Level 2 and get the mentoring and experience to become qualified to teach in any of these 2 courses, please apply to be a part of the teams. 

Deadline to apply: Friday, November 25th, 2022.

Application link:

If you have any questions, email Inderjot Kaur at [email protected]