May 9, 2022 – Trainer Update

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Watch Amrit’s weekly video here

The yoga world is changing.  We need to adapt.  How can KRI help you do that?  Share your thoughts in our Sutra discussion!


Trainer Licensing is now OPEN

Please take a moment and relicense now!  You can switch to your language using the dropdown menu at the top-right.

Register to VOTE in the upcoming SSSC election

We are excited that the SSSC Board has opened up the process for Lead and Professional Trainers to be voters in the upcoming election. You automatically qualify to be able to vote if you are a Lead or Professional Trainer.

Please support your community in getting out the vote and expanding the electorate to include people who have been practicing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for 7 consecutive years.

Ways you can help:
We hope that all Interns and Associates will join the electorate pool! Your voice matters and we want you to vote.

  • Interns & Associates please click here to register to vote and see the election deadlines
  • Send out a message to your community to include your longtime students in the electorate and write recommendations for them
  • For leads and professionals, here is the link to write recommendations for people

KRI’s website is now multi-lingual!

Yes, finally, you can choose your language at the top right hand corner of the main KRI web site!

How can KRI help you?

Most training programs are attracting a lot less students now than they used to.  Share in this online Sutra discussion what you think KRI can do to support your training programs!

Please don’t send in physical Student Packets anymore!

Please email them as digital documents.  If you have any questions, please contact your regional administrator.  Thank you!

KRI 2022 Honorees

You all, the ATA members, have selected Sarabjit Kaur (Spain), Sarb Jit Kaur (Espanola), and Gurudarshan Kaur (Mexico) as our 2022 KRI Outstanding Awardees!  There were 12 amazing nominees – it is truly inspiring the caliber and quality of the teachers in our community.  Congratulations Sarabjit and Sarb Jit, and thank you so much for your years and years of service. You can read about their amazing service (and all the prior recipients) here.

BIPOC affinity group zoom gatherings

KRI is organizing a Monthly Community Gathering for Teachers and Trainers of Color for mutual support and solidarity. Click here to sign up for this meeting on the Third Tuesday of the month at 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST., facilitated by Atma Chanan Kaur PhD. Open to all who identify as BIPOC family or person of color.