March 31, 2021 – Trainer Update

Video Updates on Initiatives from Sept 2020 TTEC meetings

Part 1 – Distributing the Administration of the ATA and Improving the Level One Program

Part 2 – Simplifying the ATA

  • Register NOW for the April TTEC meetings – You can register and come only for the proposal or proposals that you have time or interest in.  The schedule of when the proposals will be covered is here.  All times are listed as GMT – please convert to your local time zone!

Based on your feedback from Sutra and in the pre-TTEC discussion calls, we have edited ALL of the proposals! These final proposals are what will be voted on at TTEC, so please discuss on Sutra between now and then!  Translated versions of each can be found on Sutra.

Just Outcomes

Just Outcomes continues to develop the Compassionate Reconciliation Program.  They  will be sending bi-monthly communications to keep the community up to date   on the Compassionate Reconciliation process – Here is the first one (in English)

Upcoming workshops from KRI for you and your students:
Feminine Dimensions in Meditation with Ardas Kaur

April 16, 11:00-12:30 EDT (New York)

Let’s journey together through an embodied meditative experience, the magic of the feminine. This class will invoke a deeply lunar and meditative experience.

Ardas brings healing coolness to the art of meditation. Can we explore meditation from the yin counterpoint of deep inner stillness?

Faith Hunter: The Business of Yoga

April 18, 11:00-15:00 New York City time

Join Faith Hunter for a renewing, innovative approach to yoga as a business and tap into your power; projecting your passion for wellness.  Faith will provide you with practical tools to establish a spiritually aligned business strategy, and techniques for consciously holding space.

Honour to Krishna Kaur

In celebration of Woman’s History Month, the National Stop the Violence Alliance honors Krishna Kaur for her tireless work as a teacher, a leader, and beacon of light.  Read more here.