How can I access my Ebook?

If you are new to VitalSource, you must first create an account (Bookshelf ID) before you can redeem an active redemption code.  To create a Bookshelf ID, click

Once you have created your account, you will be logged into Bookshelf online. Go to ( Click on the My Account menu and then select Redeem. Enter your 20 digits alphanumeric code into the pop-up window and press the Redeem button. Once redeemed, your booklist will automatically sync and you’ll be able to view your VitalSource eTextbook.

To download your eTextbook, you will need to install Bookshelf on your Mac, PC, Android phone/tablet, Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.  To download Bookshelf, please click

Advanced features: To enhance your studying experience, Vital Source provides tools such as Highlight, Notes, flashcards, read aloud, and many others. For quick demos, visit Vital Source online Tutorial Videos in