March 6, 2023 – Trainer Update

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Upcoming Trainer meetings, Digital Certificates, Simplified Competencies forms, and new ATA role of Sponsor

Learn more about the new role – ATA Sponsor

We are excited to share a new possibility in assisting a teacher to enter the Academy!  You don’t have to be a Mentor to guide a teacher in their first steps entering into the Academy. If you are an Associate, Professional or Lead trainer, you can now SPONSOR an intern to enter the ATA. Learn more about this new role by reading the Sponsor Role Description HERE

 Interested in being a Sponsor, let us know by clicking HERE.

NEW Competency Evaluation Form for all roles

As part of the implementation of the approved proposal to “Simplify and Streamline the ATA Documentation” all the Competency Evaluation Forms (CEF) were reviewed. They are now unique for each role, and it is important that all trainers now work with the new versions, which can be found by role on the Trainer Support Website.  If you are a candidate for a new role in the Academy, DO NOT use the CEF on the portal.  

Intern Associate Professional Lead Mentoring Program Level 2 Trainer

Digital KRI Certificates

KRI has worked on a DIGITAL version of the KRI certificate! It is NOW available as a more affordable option for those requesting for a L1 Reprint (reprints only – NOT the certificates your students get when they complete their Level One) and are NOW the version received by practitioners requesting L2 certificates.   SINCE March 1st, the cost of the Hard copy of a L1 reprint OR L2 certificate is US$35.00, while the Digital version is FREE for L2 certificates and US$11.00 for reprints.

In-Person Trainer Forums at Summer Solstice and the European Yoga Festival!

We are so excited to be back in person with all of you who are able to make it to these amazing community events.  We will have trainer forums on Thursday 15 June at Ram Das Puri, USA (a one day event), and on 4 August and the morning of 5 August (a day and a half event) at Chateau Jambville in France

Please, if you can, plan your travel to attend these forums.  Registration will be open soon! We are working on the agendas for each event and want to know what is important for you to talk about, experience and share.

Please email Ravi Prem Kaur at [email protected] to share your thoughts and/or if you are willing to participate in a meeting of 1.5 hours for that.

Online Summit: “The Alchemy of Local & Global=Glocal”

An opportunity to gather with the Global ATA community and keep deepening fundamental conversations and skills. We hope to see you there! REGISTRATION SOON