June 15, 2020 – Trainer Update

The Aquarian Trainer Updates

Sat Naam Dear Teacher Trainers,

In my various conversations this past week, I was again struck by the strong diversity of opinions in our
community. How will we talk about Yogi Bhajan in the future – in our books, manuals, and trainings?
With the delay of the report into the allegations of misconduct by Yogi Bhajan until mid to late July, we
won’t have that as a reference for a little while longer. But regardless of what is in that report, I think it
is important that we keep our focus on the practice of this yogic technology – our legacy – not on the
personality or certain specific actions of the man who shared this unique body of teachings. How
exactly that focus looks is something for us to talk about together.

Please come to the Trainer Forum and Summit July 9, 10 and 11th to begin this, and many other,
important discussions together.

These times are pushing us to polarize – there are those who think any image or mention of Yogi Bhajan
is unacceptable, and there are those that feel that not maintaining his presence would be a betrayal.
We are strong enough to gracefully handle this polarity! We can give ourselves, personally and
collectively, the time to be with our opinions and beliefs, the time for the report from An Olive Branch to
come out, the time for us to digest that report, and time for a new collective way of holding and
speaking about our practices and our history that is authentic, honest, and empowering.
Yes, these are messy and uncomfortable times. And they are going to stay that way for a little while
longer. But over time we will adapt and evolve a new and better culture and message. KRI will continue
holding the space for our entire teacher trainer community to go through this difficult growth process,
together, with openness, inclusion and transparency.

I am looking forward to seeing you online at the Trainer forum next month, and may Guru Ram Das bless
us all.

Global Trainer Forum and Summit – Register for this important event here.
Upcoming facilitator trainings in Italian and German – If you are open to facilitating calls with other
trainers, to hold the space for sharing and processing about our current circumstances, please
register for a facilitator orientation here.
o In Italiano – Martedi, 16 di Giugno 2020 dalle 15:30 alle 17:00 (Roma, Italia)
o Auf Deutsch – Mittwoch, 24. Juni von 19:00 bis 21:00 Uhr (Berliner Zeit)

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o Kundalini Now: Permaculture Perspectives on Organizational Change – Thursday June
18th, 10:30am EDT (New York City). Miguel Mendez, holistic wellness teacher and earth
regenerationist, explores supporting social movements that lead to real systemic
change! From a permaculture perspective let’s make sustainable progress in times of
crisis. Through observation, circular, non-hierarchical leadership, and the centering of
marginalized voices, we can tend to our organizations, together, and be fruitful.
Thursday June 18th 10:30 AM EDT. Join us and dialogue with us as he shares a vision for
truthful change!
o Our ongoing Embodying Anti-Racism: Being the Change! – jump in at any point in the
six-week series to unpack, explore & grow together.
o If you have a topic to present, email [email protected]