What is a licensing year? How do I relicense?

All levels/roles of the Academy renew their Trainer License yearly with KRI by completing the Trainer Agreement and paying the relicensing fee. Interns complete the Agreement but do not pay the fee. Each May, usually in the first week, an email reminder will go out to all members of the Academy. There is also a colored banner across each member’s Portal reminding him or her to relicense. The licensing year starts July 1st and ends June 30th the following year. A late fee will be applied after September 1st.

If I qualify as a Level 2 Professional Trainer for all 5 modules what happens when I become a Level 1 Lead Trainer?

Any Level 2 module you qualified for as a Level 1 Professional you will still be qualified for as a Level 1 Lead with the addition of being able to contract that module with KRI.

So if you qualified as a Level 2 Trainer for all 5 modules as a Level 1 Professional, you will be immediately qualified as a Level 2 Lead at the time you become a Level 1 Lead.

How do I apply to become a Level 2 Trainer?

Go to the Aquarian Trainer Academy page on the KRI website. Look for the Level Two Trainer section.

First read the L2-Trainer-Orientation where you will find step by step instructions about how to submit your application and start to qualify.

When can I start to qualify as a Level 2 Trainer?

As soon as you qualify as a Level 1 Professional Trainer you may begin the process of qualifying as a Level 2 Trainer.

Can I use the NEW Level 1 Competency Evaluation Form instead of the one that is part of the application?

As you may know, there is a New Competency Evaluation Form available and we do encourage you to use the new one because you evaluate yourself by proficiency for that level or role. The competencies are the same it is just the method of evaluation that has improved.

If you use the new form make sure to include your mentor’s responses and attach it to your application either in the same location as your IDPs or where the Units of Study-Content Credit Form is attached. Then email the Academy Administrator so the Competency Form in your application can be waived.

Please note that The applications on the Trainer Portal have not yet been updated.

Level 1 Trainer Competency Evaluation Form_proficiency-by-level

If I have a new email address and have changed my primary email to the new one will I still be able to sign in to my Trainer Portal?

Even If you have a new email address and have changed my primary email, the old email will still be your “username” for signing into your portal.

The username will not change to the new email and you still need to insert the old email as the username to be able to enter your portal. The only problem would be if you forgot your “password” because if you clicked on “Forgot Password” the new password would be sent to your old email.

I am having trouble in my Trainer Portal or signing into my Trainer Portal. What is wrong?

There could be a number of reasons.

  • The portal cannot be accessed on a device only on a computer.
  • Make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser.
  • It is possible that the portal is just slow for the moment and if you just wait a bit the issue will be resolved.

Is there a minimum length of time you must stay at Intern level/role? At Associate? At Professional?

There is not a minimum time requirement for each level/role. As long as you meet the requirements and your mentor agrees that you are ready to apply to the next level/role you may do so on your Trainer Portal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not begin an application until you are ready to apply. Applications that are inactive for 4 months will be deleted.

What are the minimum requirements for an Associate?

  • Have taught a minimum of 1,000 hours of Kundalini Yoga since becoming a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga instructor. Continue to teach Kundalini Yoga outside of the Teacher
  • Training setting
  • Level Two certified – Completed all five modules
  • Live and abide by the Code of Excellence of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Qualified for a minimum of 50 Content Credits (including the Practicum credits)
  • Effectively taught a minimum of 10 bench hours in Level 1 Teacher Training
  • Attended a Trainers Forum at least once every 2 years.
  • Attended one 3HO event every year

What are the minimum requirements for an Intern?

  • KRI Level One Instructor Certificate.
  • Completed at least 4 Level Two modules with the 5th planned within the year.
  • Taught a minimum of 500 hours of Kundalini Yoga classes since being certified Level One by KRI.
  • A current Professional member of IKYTA or your country’s National Teacher’s Association.
  • A strong personal practice of Sadhana and Kundalini Yoga and where possible participate in group sadhana.
  • Practice a yogic lifestyle meaning abstain from tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs (other than prescribed by a physician) and eat a vegetarian diet.
  • Attended at least one KRI, Sikh Dharma, or 3HO Event every year for the past three years including but not limited to Solstice, Teacher’s Conference, any Yoga Festival,
  • Women’s Camp, Jaap Sahib, Level Two Training, Trainers Forum, White Tantric Yoga.
  • Contribute Gurudakshina either internationally or to your National Association or contribute to The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings (Go to www.kundaliniresearchinstitute.org for more information