Does KRI ship hard copy manuals outside of the US and Canada?

KRI is able to ship individual sets of L1 and or L2 materials outside the US and Canada only for certified teachers. For students currently enrolled in a KRI certified Teacher Training you should get the materials needed from our global distributors.

Check whom to contact in the territory needed here for L1 sets and here for L2 materials.

I’m having problems with visualizing my Ebook. Who should I contact to get support?

If you are experiencing any trouble accessing your ebook or redeeming your code, you can get Bookshelf support through the following link 

or through the email [email protected]

How can I access my Ebook?

If you are new to VitalSource, you must first create an account (Bookshelf ID) before you can redeem an active redemption code.  To create a Bookshelf ID, click

Once you have created your account, you will be logged into Bookshelf online. Go to ( Click on the My Account menu and then select Redeem. Enter your 20 digits alphanumeric code into the pop-up window and press the Redeem button. Once redeemed, your booklist will automatically sync and you’ll be able to view your VitalSource eTextbook.

To download your eTextbook, you will need to install Bookshelf on your Mac, PC, Android phone/tablet, Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.  To download Bookshelf, please click

Advanced features: To enhance your studying experience, Vital Source provides tools such as Highlight, Notes, flashcards, read aloud, and many others. For quick demos, visit Vital Source online Tutorial Videos in

Can a student print the Ebook?

A student can print a few pages of the ebook through VitalSource Bookshelf for personal use only. However, it is not possible to print the whole material. VitalSource provides Digital Rights Management (DRM) which protects the ebook files from being copied, reproduced and shared without permission.

If a student wants the entire Ebook printed it might considered having the hard copy version that is available from KRI and Global Distributors.

Trainer Discount Store

L1 Global Distributors 

L2 Global Distributors

Can I download and print a level two manual? What if I am outside the US and Canada?

No, you cannot.

Printing Manuals is a copyright violation and should NOT be done by students or trainers. You can find more information about this in our Copyright FAQ

If you are outside the US and Canada, you can purchase a digital version of KRI course material from our Trainer Discount store. Yet, if you need a Hard copy book you can contact one of our Global Distributors

Trainer Discount Store

L1 Global Distributors 

L2 Global Distributors

This document might also be helpful to clarify: New L2 MANUALS Policy Basic Procedures

Are all the orders available for free shipping?

No, if you place an order to be shipped to multiple locations, a flat rate will be charged. You can get free shipping to receive all books in the same address.

Please note that if you place several separate orders for the same course, choosing the free shipping option, you will later be required to pay the extra shipping fee.

I am a trainer and I need an Ebook to prepare for my program, do I need to purchase one?


As a trainer you are allowed a courtesy code, for that please contact Harishabad at [email protected]. Make sure to provide information regarding your affiliation to the Aquarian Trainer Academy.

Can I have the manuals delivered individually to my students?


You can place an order and choose the multiple addresses shipping option. Please note that a shipping fee will be applied in this case, as KRI charges a flat rate of $12.00 (USA) and $22.00 (Canada) for individual students shipping.

On the Checkout Page, right on top you will see a notification that says: “You may use multiple shipping addresses on this cart – Set Addresses” – Where you can set the students addresses and complete your order.

Understand that If you place several separate orders for the same course, choosing the Free shipping option, you will later be required to pay the extra shipping fee.