TTEC – Teacher Training Executive Committee

Links to the notes from previous meetings:


Future Global TTEC meeting dates:

  • • April 21 & 22, 2020
  • • May 10 & 11, 2021 – NOTE: This is in place of the normal April meeting in Espanola and will be held in Amsterdam



Future European TTEC meeting dates and locations:

The dates are always the 2nd Tuesday in January.

EU TTEC Dates Location Name Country
14-Jan-20 Atlantide Belgium
12-Jan-21 Navjeet’s place Sweden
11-Jan-22 Guru Ram Das Ashram Germany
10-Jan-23 Sukhdev Kaur’s Estonia
9-Jan-24 Quinta do Rajo Portugal



North American TTEC meeting dates:

These meetings will be held in Espanola, New Mexico

  • • Sept  21 & 22, 2020 – NOTE: this is a change to Monday & Tuesday instead of the traditional Tuesday & Wed.
  • • Sept 20 & 21, 2021 – Monday and Tuesday again



South American TTEC dates and locations:

South American TTEC Dates Location  Country
21-Feb-20 Belo Horizonte Brazil
27-Jan-21 TDB, but close to Santiago Chile
possibly 24-Feb-22 Buenos Aires Argentina



Asian TTEC dates and locations:

the 2021 date and location is for certain.  After that the location may change, and the exact dates may change, though it would be sometime in the week following the 2nd Saturday in March.  The TTEC meeting is expected to start on the afternoon of the 1st day listed, and continue through the end of the 2nd day.

Asian  TTEC Dates Location  Country
16 & 17-Mar-21 TBD Sri Lanka
15 & 16-Mar-22 Bali Indonesia
14 & 15-Mar-23 TDB Thailand
perhaps Taiwan


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