Best Practices for Trainers

This collection of best practices is meant to be continually growing and changing, so please email Amrit Singh if you have suggestions to make these pages better.

We want to collect more Best Practices on the following topics, please contribute if you have experience with a successful way of delivering them!

• How to cultivate and inspire Seva Consciousness in the students?

• How to demonstrate and teach the Identity of a Teacher?

How to behave with students…how to continually give credit to the Teachings…not the personality of the Teacher/Trainer. Teachers/Trainers also need to train students how to treat Teachers/Trainers. It is understandable how students can feel gratitude to the point of reverence for Teachers and Trainers for giving them the tools to change their lives. It is also understandable how Teachers and Trainers can fall into the role of being revered…it feels good…spiritual ego is addictive.