Appeal for support for Sat Nam Kaur from Mexico

Dear members of TTEC,

As I explained during our meeting, our community in Mexico is sending out a plea for help on behalf of one of our founding members. Sat Nam Kaur moved to Mexico from England about 50 years ago, and became a student of Yogi Bhajan while already living there. She was the main organiser of White Tantric Yoga since the days when the SIri Singh Sahib was teaching it personally in Guru Ram Das Ashram in Mexico City. She served as his personal secretary for Latin America and dedicated her life to his teachings. As such she spent many summers at Ladies’ Camp. Her transcriptions of his lectures there are now part of our database at the Library of Teachings. She has also been a Lead Trainer for many years, although she has become less and less active in recent times as her health has gradually waned.

She is now in a very debilitated condition, suffering from an infection which her immune system cannot fight effectively against. After being discharged from public health care in Mexico (who assessed they couldn’t do anything else for her), she has been moved, first to a care home and then to Guru Ram Das Ashram where she longs to spend her days in the company of people who share her dharma. The community in Mexico has rallied behind her, and we’re supporting her continued treatment in private hands.

The cost of her support adds up to USD 3,000 per month. A number of community members in Mexico have pledged monthly donations to come up to this figure, but we’re still short by USD 1,800. We are reaching out to the international community in the hope that together we can sustain our dear sister through this phase of her life.

One-time offerings are gladly accepted, and monthly pledges are especially welcome. We’d also appreciate if you could share this information with others who may also help. The best means to get the funds to Mexico is by PayPal. Here are the details:

In gratitud for you support and generosity,

Sat Tara Singh

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