Isht Best Practices

Isht Best Practices

• One of the goals of the re-examination of the Level 1 program was to have it more smoothly integrate into the entire 3 level program. With Isht being such a large component of level 3, we need to introduce the topic in Level 1. Some possible areas of the curriculum that a trainer could bring the concept of isht in are:

• The five stages of learning, specifically in Shakti Pad, as Yogi Bhajan talked about Isht being the cure for spiritual ego

• Spiritual teachers and gurus – What is your Isht? Is it external or internal? how to balance Guru Dev with a place to bow.

• Mind & Meditation – Specifically in the discussion about the cycle of intellect and the will. When does “will” come from ego or from soul? How do you tell? Can you use your Isht to help you make better decisions – coming from your soul and not your mind’s (ego’s) rationalizations?

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