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Support docs for Trainers in the Mentoring Development Program

The objective of the Mentoring Development Program (MDP) is to support Lead and Professional Trainers to develop the skills, competencies and consciousness to mentor trainers through the Aquarian Trainers Academy (ATA). This program is for Lead and Professional Trainers who wish to become mentors.

This program is designed to support the Mentor in Training (MnT) through participation in a Mentor Support Group (MSG), with coaching from a Mentoring Coach (MC), and with live and video training opportunities. The coach can be the MnT’s current/previous mentor or any other qualified mentor in the Academy. The initial program will be approximately one year as it may take some trainers more than one year to complete training as a mentor. The process of becoming an ATA Mentor is based on skill development, not time. It will work to build on previously developed skills.

This Mentoring Development Program has been approved by TTEC for Leads and Professionals and the program began in the summer of 2021. The Mentoring subcommittee of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) will continuously review the program and support the participants.