Nature and Scope of Intern Role

Intern Role description

Last updated on March 2022

  • Trainer Orientation is the principal focus in this role, to observe and understand the difference between teacher and trainer. 
  • Develop the essential skill of student practicum evaluation. 
  • Attend 100% of the classroom hours in at least 1 Level One program.
  • Participate and support the training Team members, working directly with the Mentor or Sponsor.
  • Compensation for work in any teacher training program, whether financial or fair energy exchange is mutually agreed upon between the Mentor or Lead Trainer – if different -, and the Intern. To prevent misunderstandings, this is strongly suggested to be documented in a signed agreement.
  • Advancement to Associate role requires that the Intern demonstrate the skills and competencies required to apply to the next level of the Academy.  (See the details on the required competencies in the document “Competency Evaluation Form”).
  • Content Credit and delivery through “bench hours” is optional.  This decision is made mutually with the Mentor or Lead Trainer.
  • Complete a written Individual Development Plan (IDP) with Mentor to show the competencies to be developed, how to develop them, and eventually document proficiency.
  • May change mentors if desired, by following the procedure outlined here.
  • May contact contact ATA Regional Admin at any time with any questions or concerns about the ATA, the Level One program, or the team dynamics.  Interns should never feel “at the mercy” of a Lead Trainer or their Mentor.