2018 Summer Solstice – last year’s theme

Service, Unity, Renewal – a revist of last year’s theme 

This year KRI focused on the redux of Level One and Level Two. Below is a brief summary of those two projects.

Level 1 Redux – The various sections being reworked or added are beginning to be submitted to Guru Raj Kaur, who is acting as our production editor for this project. The submissions will go through an editorial board process, and will be edited to maintain a consistent style throughout the manual. We project having the English version revised and ready to go to print in 2019, maybe mid-year. It will then be translated into other languages as well.

Level 2 Redux – All the level 2 modules are being looked at and refocused more on Yogi Bhajan’s core teachings. We will most likely separate out a trainer guide from the student manuals, and provide (maybe online) multiple suggestions for kriyas and group processes for trainers. The first module being worked on is Vitality and Stress. We hope to try out the new manual, and any new suggested processes, at the KRI level 2 course in Espanola, in July 2019.

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