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Trainer Bulletin – English

It’s important to use the registered trademarks, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan® and KRI®, including the little® symbols every time you use them, and to understand what non-KRI teacher trainings can and cannot do. Read about this here.


New Policies and Clarifications:

  • Guidelines for trainers just starting a new training in a region where one or more already exists.
  • Possible Yoga Alliance Teaching Requirements: Under Discussion – Requiring 2,000 teaching hours to become an Associate Trainer (as part of remaining compliant with Yoga Alliance’s new standards). Sutra thread to discuss is here.
  • Possible Yoga Alliance Curriculum Changes: Under Discussion – Changing our Curriculum standards to remain compliant with Yoga Alliance’s new standards. Sutra thread to discuss is here.


Important Information:

  • Aquarian Development Series Online and at Trainer Forums Professional Development courses – a new learning modality for teacher trainers. Read more about it and check out the ever-growing options here.
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Transparency Committee – a new, independent working group of volunteers to advise KRI and other non-profits. If you are interested in joining, please email them.
  • KRI budget details – To be more transparent, we are sharing some highlights of KRI’s financial situation here.
  • Ten Rights of a Kundalini Yoga Student – This important document is now available in 21 languages (and both UK and US English), laid out in a beautiful format, ready to print and make available to your past and present teacher training students.
  • Tips on how to Stay Up-To-Date with Sutra in less than 5min per day.
  • KRI Staff participation in other Teacher Trainings – Here is some information about how and why.
  • Upcoming Trainer Forums – and reports from recent forums.


Teacher Trainer Executive Committee (TTEC) Issues:

  • Global TTEC Report. The Global TTEC meetings were in Espanola Sept 24 – 25, 2019. Summary of the meeting, including links to video recordings, is here. Next Global TTEC meeting will be in Espanola, 21 & 22 April, 2020, and is open to all members of the Academy. Email Amrit Singh if you would like to attend.
  • Upcoming: European Regional TTEC meeting 14 Jan 2020 in Belgium and the first ever South American Regional TTEC 21 FEB 2020 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. These are open to all members of the Academy. Email Amrit Singh if you would like to attend.
  • Upcoming: The Global TTEC meeting in the spring of 2021 will be held in Amsterdam 10 & 11 MAY 2021. As a reminder, check out the role of TTEC in this info about how Teacher Training decisions are made.


Level 3 and Mela Issues:

  • The first South American Level 3 Mela will be held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil 23, 24, 25 FEB 2020.
  • The first Southeast Asia Level 3 Mela will be 13, 14, 15 MAR 2021 (and will be connected to a regional TTEC and trainer forum)
  • We are considering moving the time and location of the European Mela to January – making it just before the EU TTEC meetings. Please share your opinions in this Sutra thread.


Publication Issues:

  • Translators Needed – who can help make Yogi Bhajan, KRI books, and ATA information available in languages other than English. If you’d like to help, please email HariShabad Kaur!
  • The Aquarian Teacher digitally in multiple languages. You will soon be able to find them all on the KRI website and from the distributor of the physical copies you are used to working with.
  • Level Two Printed Manuals in North America – Level 2 courses will soon be able to purchase the manuals from KRI, rather than printing them yourselves.


Administrative Issues:

  • We are gradually working to ensure that everyone complies with important requirements. For example, insisting that a trainer is up to date with their licensing before they can be added to a training team, or possibly withholding future contract approvals if there are extremely late royalty payments.
  • Proof of Liability Insurance – One of these compliance issues that we haven’t enforced up until now is the contract provision that each teacher training course must provide proof of liability insurance coverage. We will be gradually moving to enforce this, so please make sure you are covered!
  • Confidential Evaluations – What is the next step in collecting useful feedback without huge admin overhead? Please contribute here.



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