KRI Teacher Training Policy Changes

Date of ChangeSummary of the Change
2019 MayPolicies Approved at TTEC
2018 NovemberTeachers can take ONE of the Level Two modules prior to their Level One certification and still have it count towards their Level Two certification.
2018 JanuaryNew Level One Formats Policy
2018 JanuaryNew Pathway on how you become a Level Two Trainer
2018 JanuarySimplified Level One Competencies
2018 JanuaryInternational Level Two Policy for Outreach ATA Members
2018 FebruaryLevel One Special Guest Teacher Policy
2018 FebruaryNot
Certifying form added to certification packet
2017 OctoberPolicy giving a limited waiver of the level 2 course pre-requisite for entry into the Trainer’s
Academy for certain areas of the world, “International Level Two policy for Outreach ATA members.doc”
2017 NovemberChange of Mentor policy and form updated and posted online
2017 DecemberDubai added as a country in which the International Level 2 policy for ATA applicants applies
2017 AprilRequirement for trainers who were leads on or before Sept 2016 to start Level 3 has been changed to no longer have a deadline. “23 Level 3 requirement for Lead Trainers.docx”
201, NovemberImplications of Various EPS statuses formalized
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